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A new coastal marine ecosystem model study coupled with hydrodynamics and tidal flat ecosystem effect.
A new coastal marine ecosystem model was developed, which was composed of pelagic and benthic ecosystems, and was applied to Mikawa Bay, Japan. This model deals with variations of biochemical andExpand
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A model to simulate the transport and fate of gas and hydrates released in deepwater
Methane and natural gas, if released in deepwater, undergo physico-chemical processes as they rise through the water column. In deepwater, these gases are likely to be converted into hydrates. TheseExpand
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Modeling emulsification after an oil spill in the sea
Abstract A conceptual model for simulating oil emulsification after a spill in the ocean is presented. This paper contains the complete model formulation and scenario simulations. The modelExpand
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Ecological risk assessment of TBT in Ise Bay.
An ecological risk assessment of tributyltin (TBT) in Ise Bay was conducted using the margin of exposure (MOE) method. The assessment endpoint was defined to protect the survival, growth andExpand
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Modeling Underwater Oil/Gas Jets and Plumes
A model is developed for simulating oil spills that initially behave as jets or plumes. The model is based on the Lagrangian integral method. The model can simulate a liquid (oil) in an ambientExpand
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Three-Dimensional Modeling of the Ruwais Coastal Area of United Arab Emirates
The coastal flow pattern around a coastal industrial compound in United Arab Emirates has been studied using a three-dimensional hydrodynamic model. The study area is 264 km2 and is partiallyExpand
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Modeling the impact of an accidental release of methane gas in deepwater
A model to simulate the transport and fate of methane gas released in deepwater is presented. Methane gas when released in deepwater undergoes a series of physical chemical processes as it risesExpand
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A Model for Gas and Hydrates Plumes in Deep Ocean
A release of methane gas in deepwater undergoes a series of physical chemical processes as it rises from the deep to shallow water in the form of a plume. A key process is the formation of methaneExpand
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Determination of shock parameters for the very fast interplanetary shock on 29 October 2003
[1] We study a very fast interplanetary shock (IP shock) event observed on 29 October 2003 based on the Geotail particle and field measurements in the solar wind. During this event the intensity ofExpand
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A numerical simulation of the seasonal cycle of temperature, salinity and velocity fields in Tokyo Bay.
To understand when oxygen-depleted waters occur, how they develop and when they dissipate in inner Tokyo Bay, realistic simulations were attempted with fine spatial and temporal resolution byExpand
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