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Human Molecular Genetics
Now in its thirteenth year of publication, Human Molecular Genetics has become one of the leading journals in this exciting frontier of scientific research. The journal concentrates on full-lengthExpand
Flk1-positive cells derived from embryonic stem cells serve as vascular progenitors
It is shown that Flk1+ cells derived from embryonic stem cells can differentiate into both endothelial and mural cells and can reproduce the vascular organization process and offer potential for tissue engineering of the vascular system. Expand
p140mDia, a mammalian homolog of Drosophila diaphanous,is a target protein for Rho small GTPase and is a ligand for profilin
Results suggest that Rho regulates actin polymerization by targeting profilin via p140mDia beneath the specific plasma membranes. Expand
Nonadipose tissue production of leptin: Leptin as a novel placenta-derived hormone in humans
Evidence is provided for leptin as a novel placenta-derived hormone in humans and the physiologic and pathophysiologic significance of leptin in normal pregnancy and gestational trophoblastic neoplasms is suggested. Expand
Role of premature leptin surge in obesity resulting from intrauterine undernutrition.
Intrauterine undernutrition is closely associated with obesity related to detrimental metabolic sequelae in adulthood. We report a mouse model in which offspring with fetal undernutrition (UNExpand
Ptf1a, a bHLH Transcriptional Gene, Defines GABAergic Neuronal Fates in Cerebellum
A Cerebellar mutant, cerebelless, is described, which lacks the entire cerebellar cortex in adults and results suggest that Ptf1a is involved in driving neural precursors to differentiate into GABAergic neurons in the cerebellum. Expand
ROCK‐I and ROCK‐II, two isoforms of Rho‐associated coiled‐coil forming protein serine/threonine kinase in mice
The results suggest that at least two ROCK isoforms are present in a single species and play distinct roles in Rho‐mediated signalling pathways. Expand
Thyroid hormone action is disrupted by bisphenol A as an antagonist.
The results suggest that BPA could displace T(3) from the TR and recruit a transcriptional repressor, resulting in gene suppression, the first report that B PA can antagonize T( 3) action at the transcriptional level. Expand
Differentiation of embryonic stem cells is induced by GATA factors.
It is reported that forced expression of either Gata-6 or Gata -4 in embryonic stem (ES) cells is sufficient to induce the proper differentiation program towards ExE, the first report of a physiological differentiation event induced by the ectopic expression of a transcription factor in ES cells. Expand
A missense mutation of the endothelin-B receptor gene in multigenic hirschsprung's disease
This work has identified in HSCR patients a G-->T missense mutation in EDNRB exon 4 that substitutes the highly conserved Trp-276 residue in the fifth transmembrane helix of the G protein-coupled receptor with a Cys residue (W276C). Expand