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Structure-activity relationship of adrenomedullin, a novel vasodilatory peptide, in cultured rat vascular smooth muscle cells.
Study of the structure-activity relationship of hAM revealed that the cyclic structure formed by the disulfide bridge and amidation of the C-terminal residue of the AM molecule are critical for receptor binding and subsequent cAMP generation and suggest that the C.terminal fragment hAM-(22-52)-NH2 may be an antagonist for vascular AM receptors.
Primary structure, synthesis, and biological activity of rat endothelin, an endothelium-derived vasoconstrictor peptide.
This synthetic peptide had potent vasoconstrictor activity in the rat aortic strip and in perfused rat heart and a characteristically long-lasting in vivo pressor activity by intraaortic bolus injection in the conscious rat.
Missense Mutation of Amylin Gene (S20G) in Japanese NIDDM Patients
The findings suggest that the S20G mutation of the amylin gene may play a partial role in the pathogenesis of early-onset NIDDM in the Japanese population and may also provide an important model to investigate the true physiological action ofAmylin.
A novel angiotensin I isolated from an elasmobranch fish.
It is believed that the renin-angiotensin system evolved initially in primitive bony fishes and is absent from elasmobranchs. We have isolated angiotensin I from the incubates of plasma and kidney
Characterization of IL-4 and IL-13 signals dependent on the human IL-13 receptor alpha chain 1: redundancy of requirement of tyrosine residue for STAT3 activation.
The results suggest that STAT3 activation is involved with IL-4 andIL-13 signals in human B cells along with the activation of STAT6, and that there is a unique sequence in IL-13R alpha 1 to activate STAT3.
Rainbow trout ventricular natriuretic peptide: isolation, sequencing, and determination of biological activity.
Trout VNP was more potent than eel peptide and was almost equipotent to human ANP for both vasodepressor and natriuretic effects and the high potency of trout VNP appears to be due in part to its longer-lasting effect compared to human AnP.
Omega-agatoxin-TK containing D-serine at position 46, but not synthetic omega-[L-Ser46]agatoxin-TK, exerts blockade of P-type calcium channels in cerebellar Purkinje neurons.
Results suggest that the specific conformation of the carboxyl-terminal region of omega-Aga-TK, particularly the configuration of Ser46, together with a beta-sheet structure formed by four disulfide bonds, might be essential for blockade of P-type calcium channels.