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Efficient in utero gene transfer system to the developing mouse brain using electroporation: visualization of neuronal migration in the developing cortex
We report a novel gene transfer system using electroporation. We used this technique to introduce a marker gene plasmid containing enhanced green fluorescent protein into mouse brains at embryonicExpand
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Effects of facial color on the subliminal processing of fearful faces
Recent studies have suggested that both configural information, such as face shape, and surface information is important for face perception. In particular, facial color is sufficiently suggestive ofExpand
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Animal models of recurrent or bipolar depression
Animal models of mental disorders should ideally have construct, face, and predictive validity, but current animal models do not always satisfy these validity criteria. Additionally, animal models ofExpand
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The face-selective N170 component is modulated by facial color
Faces play an important role in social interaction by conveying information and emotion. Of the various components of the face, color particularly provides important clues with regard to perceptionExpand
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Facial color processing in the face‐selective regions: An fMRI study
Facial color is important information for social communication as it provides important clues to recognize a person's emotion and health condition. Our previous EEG study suggested that N170 at theExpand
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Interaction between facial expression and color
Facial color varies depending on emotional state, and emotions are often described in relation to facial color. In this study, we investigated whether the recognition of facial expressions wasExpand
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The effects of facial color and inversion on the N170 event-related potential (ERP) component
Faces are important for social interaction because much can be perceived from facial details, including a person's race, age, and mood. Recent studies have shown that both configural (e.g. face shapeExpand
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Effects of Face and Background Color on Facial Expression Perception
Detecting others’ emotional states from their faces is an essential component of successful social interaction. However, the ability to perceive emotional expressions is reported to be modulated by aExpand
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Differences in Brain Activity After Learning With the Use of a Digital Pen vs. an Ink Pen—An Electroencephalography Study
The purpose of this study is to clarify whether there is a learning effect on brain activity after writing with an ink pen vs. a digital pen. Previous studies have reported the superiority ofExpand
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Modeling of “ High-Class Feeling ” on a cosmetic package design
The platform of personal fabrication is developed by technologies such as 3D printing. However, most people do not have enough professional knowledge or skills to design these products. One promisingExpand
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