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A novel DNA-binding motif in the nuclear matrix attachment DNA-binding protein SATB1.
This work cloned a mouse homolog of the human STAB1 cDNA from a cDNA expression library of the mouse thymus to determine the extent of conservation of the SATB1 gene among different species. Expand
Angiotensin I-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor Derived from an Enzymatic Hydrolysate of Casein. II. Isolation and Bradykinin-potentiating Activity on the Uterus and the Ileum of Rats
Inhibitors of angiotensin I-converting enzyme were isolated from an enzymatic hydrolysate of bovine casein and potentiated bradykinin in the contraction of the uterus and the ileum of rats. Expand
High-performance liquid chromatography of histamine and 1-methylhistamine with on-column fluorescence derivatization.
An on-column fluorometric derivatization method was developed for the determination of histamine and 1-methylhistamine by high-performance liquid chromatography with excellent reproducibility and linearity with a limit of quantification of 0.05-5 micrograms/ml of both HMs. Expand
Determination of Polyamines in Foods by Liquid Chromatography with On-Column Fluorescence Derivatization
An on-column fluorometric derivatization method has been developed for the determination of polyamines using high-performance liquid chromatography. The system for the derivatization consisted of aExpand
Inhibitory effects of pectic substances on activated hyaluronidase and histamine release from mast cells.
Pectic substances, including those purified from Gymnema sylvestre, inhibited histamine release from isolated rat peritoneal mast cells, which had been induced by the antigen, suggesting that pectic substance may have anti-allergic activities. Expand
Simultaneous determination of nucleosides and nucleotides in dietary foods and beverages using ion-pairing liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry.
The present method was validated, and sufficient reproducibility and accuracy was obtained for the quantitative measurement of the 23 types of nucleosides and nucleotides in dietary foods and beverages. Expand
Inhibitory Effect of Tea Extracts on Hyaluronidase
The hyaluronidase inhibitory effects of teas differing in degree of fermentation were investigated. All of the tea extracts tested showed significant inhibitory effects on hyaluronidase. We haveExpand
Inhibitory effect of alginic acids on hyaluronidase and on histamine release from mast cells.
Alginic acid with an M/G ratio of 1.0 exhibited the strongest inhibition of both activities, the higher molecular weight alginic acids of 150 to 370 kDa being preferable in both cases. Expand
Effect of heparin on pulmonary fibroblasts and vascular cells.
Mast cells in fibrotic lung tissue may regulate fibroblast proliferation by releasing heparin, and results suggest that endothelial cells may interact with mast cells and modulate fibroblasts growth by release of basic fibro Blast growth factor. Expand
Quantification of the isomerization of Asp residue in recombinant human alpha A-crystallin by reversed-phase HPLC.
The present method does not require acid hydrolysis, which generates further isomerization products as artifacts, and thus make possible the sensitive quantification of each type of Asp isomer individually at a specific site in a protein. Expand