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Pathogenesis of airway inflammation in bronchial asthma.
Bronchial asthma is a chronic disorder characterized by airway inflammation, reversible airway obstruction, and airway hyperresponsiveness. Eosinophils are believed to play important roles in theExpand
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A Novel Role of Hepatocyte Growth Factor as an Immune Regulator through Suppressing Dendritic Cell Function1
Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) plays an important role in many biological events such as angiogenesis, cell proliferation, anti-fibrosis and antiapoptosis. It is well known that HGF promotes tumorExpand
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Infusion of neuropeptide Y into CA3 region of hippocampus produces antidepressant‐like effect via Y1 receptor
A couple of papers indicate that patients with depression show a decrease in serum neuropeptide Y (NPY). To study the role of NPY in depression, we examined the effects of infusion of NPY into theExpand
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In vivo IL-10 gene delivery attenuates bleomycin induced pulmonary fibrosis by inhibiting the production and activation of TGF-β in the lung
Backgroud: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a devastating disorder for which there is no effective treatment. Transforming growth factor (TGF)-β plays a critical role in provoking fibrosis.Expand
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Hypofrontality in panic disorder and major depressive disorder assessed by multi‐channel near‐infrared spectroscopy
Background: Panic disorder is a common and debilitating psychiatric disease; yet, the neurobiology of this disorder is not fully understood. Deficits in the prefrontal inhibitory control overExpand
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High Expression of IL-22 Suppresses Antigen-Induced Immune Responses and Eosinophilic Airway Inflammation via an IL-10–Associated Mechanism
Allergic inflammation in the airway is generally considered a Th2-type immune response. However, Th17-type immune responses also play important roles in this process, especially in the pathogenesisExpand
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A topographical study of ERP correlates of semantic and syntactic violations in the Japanese language using the multichannel EEG system.
Language processing was investigated using event-related potentials obtained using a multichannel (58-channel) EEG system, with regard to semantic dependency (i.e., selectional restriction between aExpand
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Impaired cortical network for preattentive detection of change in speech sounds in schizophrenia: a high-resolution event-related potential study.
OBJECTIVE Schizophrenia is associated with language-related dysfunction. At the most basic level, the dysfunction of schizophrenic patients in perceiving phoneme boundaries has been demonstrated in aExpand
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Reduced frontopolar activation during verbal fluency task associated with poor social functioning in late‐onset major depression: Multi‐channel near‐infrared spectroscopy study
Aim:  Functional neuroimaging studies to date have indicated prefrontal dysfunction in late‐onset major depression (LOD). The relationships between prefrontal dysfunction and clinical characteristicsExpand
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Mismatch negativity and N2b attenuation as an indicator for dysfunction of the preattentive and controlled processing for deviance detection in schizophrenia: a topographic event-related potential
The present study compares the amplitudes and topographic patterns of mismatch negativity (MMN) and N2b in schizophrenic patients and normal controls. Twenty-one schizophrenic outpatients and 19Expand
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