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A new Rac target POSH is an SH3‐containing scaffold protein involved in the JNK and NF‐κB signalling pathways
The Rho, Rac and Cdc42 GTPases coordinately regulate the organization of the actin cytoskeleton and the JNK MAP kinase pathway. Mutational analysis of Rac has previously shown that these twoExpand
Filament Formation of MSF-A, a Mammalian Septin, in Human Mammary Epithelial Cells Depends on Interactions with Microtubules*
Septins are a family of conserved proteins implicated in a variety of cellular functions such as cytokinesis and vesicle trafficking, but their properties and modes of action are largely unknown.Expand
The MAP kinase kinase kinase MLK2 co‐localizes with activated JNK along microtubules and associates with kinesin superfamily motor KIF3
The MLK (mixed lineage) ser/thr kinases are most closely related to the MAP kinase kinase kinase family. In addition to a kinase domain, MLK1, MLK2 and MLK3 each contain an SH3 domain, a leucineExpand
B plexins activate Rho through PDZ‐RhoGEF
Plexins are receptors for the repulsive axon guidance molecules semaphorins. Previously, we have shown that plexin‐B1 binds activated Rac, but that clustering of plexin‐B1 causes Rho activation,Expand
Biochemical and Cell Biological Analyses of a Mammalian Septin Complex, Sept7/9b/11*
Septins are members of a conserved family of cytoskeletal GTPases present in organisms as diverse as yeast and mammals. Unlike lower eukaryotic cells, the physiological significance of mammalianExpand
Autophosphorylation of a Newly Identified Site of Aurora-B Is Indispensable for Cytokinesis*
Mitotic kinases regulate cell division and its checkpoints, errors of which can lead to aneuploidy or genetic instability. One of these is Aurora-B, a key kinase that is required for chromosomeExpand
Coronary smooth muscle differentiation from proepicardial cells requires rhoA-mediated actin reorganization and p160 rho-kinase activity.
We recently reported that the first detectable expression of SMC-specific proteins during coronary smooth muscle cell (CoSMC) differentiation from isolated proepicardial cells was restricted to cellsExpand
Functional significance of the specific sites phosphorylated in desmin at cleavage furrow: Aurora-B may phosphorylate and regulate type III intermediate filaments during cytokinesis coordinatedly
Aurora-B is a protein kinase required for chromosome segregation and the progression of cytokinesis during the cell cycle. We report here that Aurora-B phosphorylates GFAP and desmin in vitro, andExpand
Functions of a Rho-specific Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor in Neurite Retraction
The Rho/Rho kinase signaling pathway plays an essential role in neurite retraction and cell rounding in response to G12/13-coupled receptor activation in neuronal cells. The Rho guanine nucleotideExpand
Balance between Activities of Rho Kinase and Type 1 Protein Phosphatase Modulates Turnover of Phosphorylation and Dynamics of Desmin/Vimentin Filaments*
To analyze the cell cycle-dependent desmin phosphorylation by Rho kinase, we developed antibodies specifically recognizing the kinase-dependent phosphorylation of desmin at Thr-16, Thr-75, andExpand