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A comprehensive framework for handling location error in animal tracking data*
We provide a general framework to account for location error in the analysis of animal tracking data, so that their potential can be unlocked. Expand
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Mixed evidence for the erosion of intertactical genetic correlations through intralocus tactical conflict
Alternative reproductive tactics, whereby members of the same sex use different tactics to secure matings, are often associated with conditional intrasexual dimorphisms. Given the different selectiveExpand
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Chemoreception and mating behaviour of a tropical Australian skink
In many reptile groups, molecular systematics is currently revealing high levels of cryptic diversity (i.e. genetically distinct lineages that are difficult to distinguish morphologically). OneExpand
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Social and Individual Factors Influence Variation in Offspring Care in the Cooperatively Breeding Western Australian Magpie
In cooperatively breeding species, the level of investment in young can vary substantially. Despite receiving considerable research attention, how and why investment in young varies withExpand
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