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Association of cockroaches with an outbreak of dysentery.
Modifications to culture techniques in the small teaching insectary.
Adhesive Panels as a Control Method of the Common Cleg Haematopota Pluvialis L. (Diptera: Tabanidae)
The Royal Armoured Corps Range at Castlemartin near Pembroke is heavily infested with the bl'Ood-sucking horsefly Haematopota pluvialis, biting rates of over 140 an hour having been reoorded. Expand
A laboratory culture of Wohlfahrtia pattoni.
The Biology, Medical Significance and Control of Processionsry Caterpillars
Processionary caterpillars, the larvae of a number of species of moth, are equipped with barbed poison hairs which may cause dermal irritation when they come into contaot with human skin. Expand
Further studies on the biology of the cleg, Haematopota pluvialis.
Preliminary work on the control of the common kleg, Haematopota pluvialis.