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Source to sink: A review of three decades of progress in the understanding of volcaniclastic processes, deposits, and hazards
Abstract Volcaniclastic sediments, broadly defined as clastic deposits derived from the transport, deposition and/or redeposition of the products of volcanic activity, have long been a Cinderella of
A model for calculating eruptive volumes for monogenetic volcanoes — Implication for the Quaternary Auckland Volcanic Field, New Zealand
Abstract Monogenetic basaltic volcanism is characterised by a complex array of behaviours in the spatial distribution of magma output and also temporal variability in magma flux and eruptive
40Ar/39Ar geochronology of Neogene phreatomagmatic volcanism in the western Pannonian Basin, Hungary
Abstract Neogene alkaline basaltic volcanic fields in the western Pannonian Basin, Hungary, including the Bakony–Balaton Highland and the Little Hungarian Plain volcanic fields are the erosional
Monogenetic Basaltic Volcanoes: Genetic Classification, Growth, Geomorphology and Degradation
Plate motion and associated tectonics explain the location of magmatic systems along plate boundaries [1], however, they cannot give satisfactory explanations of the origin of intra‐ plate volcanism.
Monogenetic volcanism: personal views and discussion
Monogenetic volcanism produces small-volume volcanoes with a wide range of eruptive styles, lithological features and geomorphic architectures. They are classified as spatter cones, scoria (or
Influence of the substrate on maar–diatreme volcanoes — An example of a mixed setting from the Pali Aike volcanic field, Argentina
Abstract The morphologic parameters, pyroclastic deposits and evolution of maar–diatreme volcanoes are affected by the type of environment in which they are emplaced. End-member cases are a hard
Compositional variation during monogenetic volcano growth and its implications for magma supply to continental volcanic fields
Individual volcanoes of continental monogenetic volcanic fields are generally presumed to erupt single magma batches during brief eruptions. Nevertheless, in two unrelated volcanic fields (the
Mechanisms driving polymagmatic activity at a monogenetic volcano, Udo, Jeju Island, South Korea
High-resolution, stratigraphically ordered samples of the Udo tuff cone and lava shield offshore of Jeju Island, South Korea, show complex geochemical variation in the basaltic magmas that fed the