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Interleukin 17–producing CD4+ effector T cells develop via a lineage distinct from the T helper type 1 and 2 lineages
CD4+ T cells producing interleukin 17 (IL-17) are associated with autoimmunity, although the precise mechanisms that control their development are undefined. Here we present data that challenge theExpand
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Functional diversity of helper T lymphocytes
The existence of subsets of CD4+ helper T lymphocytes that differ in their cytokine secretion patterns and effector functions provides a framework for understanding the heterogeneity of normal andExpand
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Batf3 Deficiency Reveals a Critical Role for CD8α+ Dendritic Cells in Cytotoxic T Cell Immunity
Although in vitro observations suggest that cross-presentation of antigens is mediated primarily by CD8α+ dendritic cells, in vivo analysis has been hampered by the lack of systems that selectivelyExpand
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Development of TH1 CD4+ T cells through IL-12 produced by Listeria-induced macrophages.
Development of the appropriate CD4+ T helper (TH) subset during an immune response is important for disease resolution. With the use of naïve, ovalbumin-specific alpha beta T cell receptor transgenicExpand
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BTLA is a lymphocyte inhibitory receptor with similarities to CTLA-4 and PD-1
During activation, T cells express receptors for receiving positive and negative costimulatory signals. Here we identify the B and T lymphocyte attenuator (BTLA), an immunoglobulin domain–containingExpand
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Induction by antigen of intrathymic apoptosis of CD4+CD8+TCRlo thymocytes in vivo.
In order to examine the mechanisms by which clonal deletion of autoreactive T cells occurs, a peptide antigen was used to induce deletion of antigen-reactive thymocytes in vivo. Mice transgenic for aExpand
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Peripheral CD103+ dendritic cells form a unified subset developmentally related to CD8α+ conventional dendritic cells
Although CD103-expressing dendritic cells (DCs) are widely present in nonlymphoid tissues, the transcription factors controlling their development and their relationship to other DC subsets remainExpand
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T-bet is a STAT1-induced regulator of IL-12R expression in naïve CD4+ T cells
T helper type 1 (TH1) cell development involves interferon-γ (IFN-γ) signaling through signal transducer and activator of transcription 1 (STAT1) and interleukin-12 (IL-12) signaling through STAT4Expand
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A Validated Regulatory Network for Th17 Cell Specification
Th17 cells have critical roles in mucosal defense and are major contributors to inflammatory disease. Their differentiation requires the nuclear hormone receptor RORγt working with multiple otherExpand
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Dendritic cell regulation of TH1-TH2 development
Understanding the control exerted by cytokines on T helper cell subsets 1 and 2 (TH1-TH2) development has progressed to a fairly satisfying knowledge of intracellular signals and transcriptionExpand
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