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On the measurement of achievement goals: critique, illustration, and application
The authors identified several specific problems with the measurement of achievement goals in the current literature and illustrated these problems, focusing primarily on A. J. Elliot and H. A.Expand
Motivational, emotional, and behavioral correlates of fear of missing out
Social media utilities have made it easier than ever to know about the range of online or offline social activities one could be engaging. Expand
A 3 × 2 achievement goal model
In the present research, a 3 × 2 model of achievement goals is proposed and tested. The model is rooted in the definition and valence components of competence, and encompasses 6 goal constructs:Expand
The joint influence of personal achievement goals and classroom goal structures on achievement-relevant outcomes.
Researchers and theorists in the achievement motivation literature have long recognized the importance of attending to both person- and situation-based factors in predicting affect, cognition, andExpand
Neural correlates of cognitive dissonance and choice-induced preference change
According to many modern economic theories, actions simply reflect an individual's preferences, whereas a psychological phenomenon called “cognitive dissonance” claims that actions can also createExpand
Internet Gaming Disorder: Investigating the Clinical Relevance of a New Phenomenon.
OBJECTIVE The American Psychiatric Association (APA) identified Internet gaming disorder as a new potential psychiatric disorder and has recognized that little is known about the prevalence,Expand
Neural basis of the undermining effect of monetary reward on intrinsic motivation
Contrary to the widespread belief that people are positively motivated by reward incentives, some studies have shown that performance-based extrinsic reward can actually undermine a person'sExpand
Choice-Induced Preference Change in the Free-Choice Paradigm: A Critical Methodological Review
Choices not only reflect our preference, but they also affect our behavior. The phenomenon of choice-induced preference change has been of interest to cognitive dissonance researchers in socialExpand
Forgetting as a consequence of retrieval: a meta-analytic review of retrieval-induced forgetting.
Retrieving a subset of items can cause the forgetting of other items, a phenomenon referred to as retrieval-induced forgetting. According to some theorists, retrieval-induced forgetting is theExpand
The competition-performance relation: a meta-analytic review and test of the opposing processes model of competition and performance.
What is the relation between competition and performance? The present research addresses this important multidisciplinary question by conducting a meta-analysis of existing empirical work and byExpand