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Effects of resource divisibility and expectations of sharing on envy
AbstractIn three experiments, we provide evidence that resource divisibility and expectations of sharing influence the degree to which envy arises in response to another’s superior resources. We
[The effect of attainability on envy].
Testing the prediction that less envy would be felt when the person could attain what others had demonstrated that those in the high attainability condition felt envy less thanThose in the low attainable condition, but showed no significant differences in helping behavior.
Effects of social anxiety and group membership of potential affiliates on social reconnection after ostracism
After being ostracized, people would try to socially reconnect with others. However, people high in social anxiety (HSA) might be more unwilling to reconnect with new affiliates than people low in
The influence of negative incident with significant others on subjective temporal distance
他者との良好な関係を維持したいという欲求は,根源的なものであるとされる。先行研究では,そのような動機から,被害者は時間の経過とともに加害者を許すことが示されている(Wohl & McGrath,
From international sports to international competition: Longitudinal study of the Beijing Olympic Games
To investigate whether and how the Beijing Olympic Games influenced the Chinese competitiveness towards foreigners, we conducted a three-wave longitudinal study and found that participants'
The Evolution of Japanese Studies of International Relations
  • K. Murata
  • Sociology
    Japanese Journal of Political Science
  • 29 October 2010
Abstract This paper aims to examine the evolution of Japanese studies of international relations since the end of World War II. In so doing, in particular, this paper first looks at the dominant