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Assessing cooperative environmental governance systems: the cases of the Kogelberg Biosphere reserve and the Olifants-Doorn catchment Management Agency
Against a background of institutional fragmentation and lack of coordination among the respective role players, the notion of co-management of natural resources has emerged in many countries aroundExpand
Operationalising performance management in local government : the use of the balanced scorecard
Orientation:  Local government forms that part of the public sector closest to citizens and therefore indispensable in its role of providing essential goods and services and developing the localExpand
Creating public value through collaborative environmental governance
That collaborative management has become the central reality of public problem solving is nowhere better illustrated than in the fi eld of environmental governance. Institutional innovations likeExpand
Organisational innovation : some emerging environmental governance models in South Africa
In South Africa, like elsewhere in the world, the complexities of natural resource management and the postmodern reality of a fragmented institutional landscape complicate efforts to developExpand
Rising to the challenge: A framework for optimising value in collaborative natural resource governance
Complexities of the post-NPM era have resulted into a new governance approach based on ‘collaboration’, a network-based model that links various stakeholders [state and non-state actors], ostensiblyExpand
Sustainable Development: The Question of Integration and Coordination
It could be argued that the quest for integration is at the core of sustainable development implementation issues. Although there is no simple answer to the integration challenge there is no doubtExpand
Institutional assessment in natural resource governance: A conceptual overview
Natural resource governance is enhanced and structured by rules, norms and strategies which make institutionalism quintessential in the natural resource governance discourse. Adopting a retrospectiveExpand
‘Complex crisis’ and the rise of collaborative natural resource governance: institutional trajectory of a wildlife governance experience in Ghana
Natural resource governance is underpinned by institutions which evolve ‘circumstantially’ over time. An attempt at understanding the contemporary institutions and governance structure of a resourceExpand
Transdisciplinary approach to natural resource governance research: a conceptual paper
Purpose Natural resources in contemporary times are mostly managed by a collaborative governance approach which hinges on complex institutional designs [rules, norms and strategies]. Many studiesExpand