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On the antioxidant mechanism of curcumin: classical methods are needed to determine antioxidant mechanism and activity.
Curcumin is a classical phenolic chain-breaking antioxidant, donating H atoms from the phenolic groups not the CH(2) group as has been suggested.
Development of singlet oxygen absorption capacity (SOAC) assay method. 2. Measurements of the SOAC values for carotenoids and food extracts.
From the results, it has been clarified that the total (1)O(2)-quenching activity for vegetable extracts may be explained as the sum of the product {Σ k(Q)(Car- i)(S) [Car-i](i)} of the rate constant and the concentration ([Car (i)]) of carotenoids included in vegetable extracts.
Kinetic study of reactions between tocopheroxyl radicals and fatty acids
A kinetic study on the prooxidant effect of vitamin E derivatives has been carried out. Rates of hydrogen abstraction from various fatty acids and egg yolk lecithin by tocopheroxyl radicals were