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trans-RuH(eta1-BH4)(binap)(1,2-diamine): a catalyst for asymmetric hydrogenation of simple ketones under base-free conditions.
Reaction of a chiral RuCl2(diphosphine)(1,2-diamine) complex and NaBH4 forms trans-RuH(eta1-BH4)(diphosphine)(1,2-diamine) quantitatively. The TolBINAP/DPEN Ru complex has been characterized byExpand
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Asymmetric hydrogenation of tert-alkyl ketones.
A combined system of RuCl2(tolbinap)(pica) and an alkaline or organic phosphazene base catalyzes asymmetric hydrogenation of sterically congested tert-alkyl ketones (TolBINAP =Expand
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A behavioral diagnostic paradigm for integrating behavior-analytic and psychopharmacological interventions for people with a dual diagnosis.
Aberrant behaviors exhibited by people with developmental disabilities have been well documented. Often, psychotropic medications, especially neuroleptics, have been used to control behaviors such asExpand
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Comparison of Free Energy Surfaces Calculations from Ab Initio Molecular Dynamic Simulations at the Example of Two Transition Metal Catalyzed Reactions
We carried out ab initio molecular dynamic simulations in order to determine the free energy surfaces of two selected reactions including solvents, namely a rearrangement of a ruthenium oxoester inExpand
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A simple approach toward enantiomerically pure Fischer carbene complexes of chromium and molybdenum: Chiral modification of the metal fragment
Replacing two carbonyl ligands of the common pentacarbonyl fragment by the suitable chiral biphosphite ligand 2 allows for the novel synthesis of stable chiral Fischer carbene complexes of molybdenumExpand
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High-oxidation-state palladium catalysis: new reactivity for organic synthesis.
  • K. Muñiz
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  • Angewandte Chemie
  • 7 December 2009
Recent years have seen the rapid development of a new field of palladium catalysis in organic synthesis. This chemistry takes place outside the usually encountered Pd(0)/Pd(II) cycles. It isExpand
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Mechanism of asymmetric hydrogenation of ketones catalyzed by BINAP/1,2-diamine-rutheniumII complexes.
Asymmetric hydrogenation of acetophenone with trans-RuH(eta(1)-BH(4))[(S)-tolbinap][(S,S)-dpen] (TolBINAP = 2,2'-bis(di-4-tolylphosphino)-1,1'-binaphthyl; DPEN = 1,2-diphenylethylenediamine) inExpand
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