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RIKEN isotope separator on-line GARIS/IGISOL
Abstract This paper describes the fabrication and the characteristics of an isotope separator on-line (ISOL) which was constructed at the RIKEN Ring Cyclotron Facility. The ISOL consists of aExpand
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A multi-reflection time-of-flight mass spectrograph for short-lived and super-heavy nuclei
Abstract A multi-reflection time-of-flight (MRTOF) mass spectrograph has been implemented at RIKEN to provide high-precision mass measurements of very short-lived nuclei. Of particular interest areExpand
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Experiments on searching for the heaviest elements
Abstract At the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) a series of experiments studying the productions and their decays of the heaviest elements have been performed by using aExpand
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Use of high energy ions for the mechanistic study of irradiation embrittlement in pressure vessel steels using Fe-Cu model alloys
Abstract To study the mechanism of irradiation embrittlement in pressure vessel steels, it is necessary to sort out the irradiation parameter dependence, which is particularly complex in the neutronExpand
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Characteristics of transmission carrier in a new wire communication system by the use of high-ripple DC-DC converter
In the newly proposed wire communication system, converters are utilized as transmitter as well as power supply. Signal transmission is performed by the use of output voltage ripple. At transmissionExpand
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Design procedure of single phase PWM DC-AC inverter by divided optimization algorithm
We consider a design method of single-phase PWM DC-AC inverter by using a divided optimization algorithm which is proposed by us. The divided optimization algorithm is one of meta-heuristicExpand
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In situ synthesis of volatile carbonyl complexes with short-lived nuclides
Rapid in situ formation of metal carbonyl complexes with short-lived nuclides has been demonstrated to be feasible with recoiling ions formed in nuclear fusion and fission reactions. These carbonylExpand
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Study of the reaction 48Ca + 248Cm → 296Lv∗ at RIKEN-GARIS
The fusion reaction 48Ca + 248Cm → 296Lv* was investigated using the gas-filled recoil ion separator GARIS at RIKEN. The reaction was studied at excitation energies of 41.3 and 38.2 MeV. A total ofExpand
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Determination of Fusion Barrier Distributions from Quasielastic Scattering Cross Sections towards Superheavy Nuclei Synthesis
In order to study the nucleus–nucleus interactions for syntheses of superheavy nuclei, we measured excitation functions for the quasielastic scattering of 48Ca+208Pb, 50Ti+208Pb, and 48Ca+248Cm usingExpand
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