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A Carbon-13 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of Chemical Processes Involved in the Isolation of Klason Lignin
Klason lignins were isolated from 15 samples of hardwoods, softwoods and grasses. The various stages of the procedure were monitored by solid-state C NMR with cross Polarisation and magic-angle
Preparation and crystal structure of mercury hexafluoroniobate (Hg3NbF6) and mercury hexafluorotantalate (Hg3TaF6): mercury layer compounds
Die Reaktion von Quecksilber mit Hg(MF6)2 (M: Nb, Ta), gelost in S02, fuhrt zu goldenen Kristallen des tetragonalen Hg3-,-,MF6 (I), die sich langsam, in silberne Kristalle des trigonalen Hg3MF6 (II)
Staling in Starch Breads: The Effect of Antistaling α‐Amylase
A novel starch bread that contained no gluten was found to firm at a rate comparable to a normal standard bread made from wheat flour. Treatment of both the starch and the standard bread with
Glucagel, a gelling β-glucan from barley
A new form of the mixed-linked (1→3),(1→4)-β-D-giuca has been obtained from barley grains using a new extraction and purification process that involves two key steps. A hot-water extraction of the
A 13C CP/MAS NMR Comparison of Wood Fractions from Spruce
Etude de la composition en cellulose, lignine, hemicellulose et proteine du bois entier et de cinq fractions: particules de la lamelle mitoyenne, fines, bois de compression, cellules radiales,