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Designing a Tool for History Textbook Analysis
This article describes the process by which a five-dimensional tool for history textbook analysis was conceptualized and developed in three stages. The first stage consisted of a grounded theoryExpand
How school history textbooks position a textual community through the topic of racism
History textbooks have a significant role to play, especially in South African classrooms, where many teachers have no access to any other media or subject knowledge. The importance of textbooks wasExpand
Reflexive Grappling with Theory and Methods of Text Analysis: Race and Racism Represented in History Textbooks
ABSTRACT Theoretical and methodological matters pertaining to school textbook analysis are an under-researched and under-documented area of specialisation. In this article I attempt to contribute toExpand
Scholarly and values-driven objectives in two South African school history textbooks : an analysis of topics of race and racism
»Wissenschaftliche und wertbestimmte Lernziele in zwei Südafrikanischen Schulbüchern: eine Analyse der Themen Rasse und Rassismus«. This article reports on findings that are part of a larger study ofExpand
Stereotypes, prejudices, self and 'the other' in history textbooks
This article is a literature review of conceptions of stereotype, prejudice, underlying assumptions and images of self and other as relevant to history textbooks and related research. HistoryExpand
Learning empathy through school history textbooks? A case study
Historical perspective-taking or learning empathy are important skills that the South African history curriculum wishes to promote in schools in its quest to heal the injustices and divisions of theExpand
Exploring the Educational Potential of a Video-Interview with a Shoah Survivor
This article aims to establish what the education potential is of video-interviews with Shoah survivors that have been made available as historical sources for learners in secondary schools. It doesExpand
How do Traumatic Shoah-Witness Testimonies fit into German History Education?
This essay traces ways in which traumatic Shoah witness testimonies fit into German history curricula conceptually by highlighting the competencies with which pupils are meant to grasp the topic ofExpand
What Can be Learned about Antisemitism from Holocaust Survivor Testimonies?
Thematic narrative analysis of autobiographical materials can show up possible continuities between antisemitism of the past and the present. Narrative analysis connects biographical details toExpand