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The Learning Region: Institutions, Innovation and Regional Renewal
The aim of this book is to present a much-needed conceptualization of ‘the learning region’. The editors scrutinize key concepts and issues surrounding this phenomenon, which are then discussed inExpand
The Associational Economy: Firms, Regions, and Innovation
Philip Cooke and Kevin Morgan explore important issues of corporate reorganization in the context of heightened global competition. Their special focus is upon how firms associate with regionalExpand
The exaggerated death of geography: learning, proximity and territorial innovation systems
Globalization and digitalization have been presented as ineluctable forces which signal the 'death of geography'. The paper takes issue with this fashionable narrative. The argument that 'geographyExpand
The School Food Revolution: Public Food and the Challenge of Sustainable Development
School food suddenly finds itself at the forefront of contemporary debates about healthy eating, social inclusion, ecological sustainability and local economic development. All around the world it isExpand
Feeding the City: The Challenge of Urban Food Planning
Among the basic essentials for life — air, water, shelter and food — planners have traditionally addressed them all with the conspicuous exception of food. This was the ‘puzzling omission’ that pro...
Nurturing novelty: Regional innovation policy in the age of smart specialisation
Smart specialisation is the most ambitious regional innovation programme ever to be launched in the European Union and it affords a unique opportunity to explore the interplay between institutions,Expand
Nourishing the city: The rise of the urban food question in the Global North
The urban food question is forcing itself up the political agenda in the Global North because of a new food equation that spells the end of the ‘cheap food’ era, fuelling nutritional poverty in theExpand