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Rebirth of a Nation: Wales 1880-1980
A wide-ranging and comprehensive analysis of modern Welsh history by the acclaimed historian Kenneth O. Morgan. Taking as its starting-point 1880, the book covers all aspects of the nation's historyExpand
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Bristol and the Atlantic Trade in the Eighteenth Century.
Preface Introduction 1. Atlantic trade and the port of Bristol 2. Shipping 3. Shipping patterns 4. The export trade 5. The slave trade 6. The tobacco trade 7. The sugar trade Conclusion AppendixExpand
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Slavery and the British Empire: From Africa to America
Slavery and the British Empire provides a clear overview of the entire history of British involvement with slavery and the slave trade, from the Cape Colony to the Caribbean. The book combinesExpand
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Wales in British Politics, 1868-1922
The author illustrates the nature and the limitations of political nationalism that arose in Wales in the last century, and investigates its impact upon Welsh politics and society. He outlines andExpand
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The Bright-Meyler papers : a Bristol-West India connection, 1732-1837
The documents collected here illuminate the conduct of British trade and investments in the Caribbean when slavery was at its height and Jamaica was the wealthiest territory in Britain's AtlanticExpand
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The Boer War and the Media (1899–1902)
The South African War that broke out in October 1899 was both very old and very new. It was a traditional war, the last of the old fashioned British imperial wars, with cavalry playing a significantExpand
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Bristol West India Merchants in the Eighteenth Century
ON the north wall of the cloisters in Bristol Cathedral there is a small headstone 'Sacred to the Memory of Thomas Daniel Esq ... a respectable Merchant of this City who was born in Barbados on theExpand
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Welsh Nationalism: The Historical Background
nationalism forms a major theme in the evolution of British democracy over the past hundred years, but one which observers of the political scene have long chosen to ignore. Now, however, after theExpand
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The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain
An illustrated history of Britain since the Roman occupation, which traces its political, social, economic and cultural development.
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Labour in Power, 1945-1951
This is the only detailed and comprehensive account of the policies, programs, and personalities of the powerful and influential Attlee government. Based on a vast range of previously unpublishedExpand
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