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Defect-dicubane Ni2Ln2 (Ln = Dy, Tb) single molecule magnets.
All four complexes are ferromagnetically coupled, and the two Dy-analogues are found to be Single Molecule Magnets (SMMs) with energy barriers in the range 18-28 K. Expand
Aspherical-atom modeling of coordination compounds by single-crystal X-ray diffraction allows the correct metal atom to be identified.
Five linear-coordinate 3d metal complexes, for which the wrong element is found if standard independent-atom model scattering factors are relied upon, are studied, and it is shown that only aspherical-atom scattering factors allow a reliable assignment. Expand
Client Satisfaction of Internet Banking Service in Bangladesh: An Exploratory Study
Internet banking is a new concept in Bangladesh which can be used for doing almost all works of a physical bank. Through internet banks can provide services like – electronic fund transfer, billsExpand
Coexistence of distinct single-ion and exchange-based mechanisms for blocking of magnetization in a Co(II)2Dy(III)2 single-molecule magnet.
Two ways to relax: A defect-dicubane Co2Dy2 single-molecule magnet (SMM) displays slow relaxation of magnetization with a blocking temperature of 22 K (at 1500 Hz), the highest reported for aExpand
A stable singlet biradicaloid siladicarbene: (L:)2Si.
It has been realized that silicon prefers a positive charge if bonded to a more electronegative atom, so compounds with silicon in lower oxidation states are very important, since they can activate small organic molecules which cannot be activated by transition metals. Expand
Conversion of a singlet silylene to a stable biradical.
Cyclic Alkyl(amino) Carbene Stabilized Complexes with Low Coordinate Metals of Enduring Nature.
Developments in stabilizing metal complexes with low coordinate metal atoms in two, one, and most significantly in their zero oxidation states by utilizing cAACs as ligands are summarized. Expand
Acyclic germylones: congeners of allenes with a central germanium atom.
The cyclic alkyl(amino) carbene (cAAC:)-stabilized acyclic germylones were prepared utilizing a one-pot synthesis of GeCl2(dioxane), cAAC:, and KC8 in a 1:2:2.1 molar ratio and suggested a singlet diradicaloid character of 1 and 2. Expand
Electronic structure and slow magnetic relaxation of low-coordinate cyclic alkyl(amino) carbene stabilized iron(I) complexes.
Electrolysis of cyclic alkyl(amino) carbene stabilized two- and three-coordinate Fe(I) complexes shows slow magnetic relaxation typical for single molecule magnets under an applied direct current magnetic field. Expand
C4 cumulene and the corresponding air-stable radical cation and dication.
A neutral C4 cumulene 1 that includes a cyclic alkyl(amino) carbene (cAAC), its air-stable radical cation 1(·+) , and dication 1(2+) have been synthesized. The redox property of 1(·+) was studied byExpand