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Strength Characteristics Of Polyurethane (PU) With Modified Sand
Soil stabilisation is defined as a technique to improve the engineering characteristics in order to improve the parameters such as shear strength, compressibility, density, hydraulic conductivity.Expand
Polyurethane Foams in Soil Stabilization: A Compressibility Effect
The use of polyurethane foam is so-called as a low cost technique in soil stabilization. The workable characteristic of polyurethane foam suits the construction needs which increase the strengthExpand
Compressive Strength Improvement of Stabilized Peat Soil by Pond Ash - Hydrated Lime Admixture
Rapid development in Malaysia has led to urban development encroaching into the peat land area. Nevertheless, the physical properties of peat which is regarded as a problematic ground has promptedExpand
Clay Stabilization Using OPC and Bottom Ash as Additives
Clay can be found in many parts of Malaysia. It is very susceptible to settlement due to its low shear strength. Therefore, stabilization is needed especially for a wide construction area. Nowadays,Expand
Influence of velocity on local weathered granite properties
The non-destructive technique (NDT) such as for determined the velocity is an easy technique to apply and they are increasingly being used in geotechnical engineering. Most researchers studied theExpand
Variation of deviator stress at failure with moisture content for remoulded lateritic soil / Kamaruzzaman Mohamed
To analyse problems of stability of soil masses, it is necessary to compare the stresses in the soil mass with the strength of the soil. For cohesive soil such as a laterite, water content is oneExpand
Bearing capacity of interbedded weak sedimentary rock / Kamaruzzaman Mohamed
Strength and behavior of shallow foundation on rock have been based on uniaxial compressive strength of intact rock sample in which is formulated as the bearing capacity of rock mass. LiteratureExpand
Electrokinetic Remediation to Remove Heavy Metal from Contaminated Soils Using Purging Solution
This study was designed to determine the physical characteristic of soil from mining area, the level of heavy metal contamination on site, and performance of pH and concentration of heavy metal afterExpand
Strength of Treated Peat Soil with Pond Ash—Hydrated Lime Subjected to Soaking Time
Rapid development in Malaysia has encroached to the area which are considered as problematic ground like peat land. However, strength characteristics of natural peat soil need some improvement withExpand