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Correlation between lead in plasma and other indicators of lead exposure among lead-exposed workers
P is a better dose indicator of lead biochemically available for heme synthesis and that PbU has a closer correlation with P bP than with PbB, according to a study on five workers in a Japanese factory manufacturing lead glass-based paints. Expand
Association between occupational exposure levels of antineoplastic drugs and work environment in five hospitals in Japan
The contamination level of antineoplastic drugs was suggested to be related with the amount of drugs handled, cleaning methods of the equipment, and the skill level of the technique of maintaining negative pressure inside a vial. Expand
Load on the low back of teachers in nursery schools
In order to evaluate the load on the low back of teachers in nursery schools, basic activity, working posture, child-lifting, and desk-lifting were analyzed for eight nursery teachers using videoExpand
[Identification of urinary metabolites in a patient of acute poisoning by p-chloroaniline].
In order to clarify urinary metabolites of p-chloroaniline (p-CA), urine samples of a patient acutely poisoned with p-CA were analyzed by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry and N-Acetylation reactions were suggested to be weak in human, because extremely minute amounts of 4-chloro-2-hydroxyacetanilide were detected in the urine. Expand
[Amounts of urinary metabolites of p-chloroaniline and their half lives in a patient with acute poisoning].
2-A-5-CP and p-CA were detected in the urine of the patient obtained on days 3 and 4, respectively, after the poisoning, but the amount of DPM after the second day of the poisoning was in the range of that of non-exposed persons. Expand
A new HPLC fluorimetric method to monitor urinary delta-aminolevulinic acid (ALA-U) levels in workers exposed to lead
The corrected ALA-U level by HPLC method seems to be a useful indicator for biological monitoring of exposure to lead at low levels (< 400 μg/l Pb-B = health-based biological limit, WHO) as well as high ones. Expand
Ortho-phthalaldehyde exposure levels among endoscope disinfection workers.
It is suggested that it is desirable to introduce automatic washers to decrease OPA exposure levels among disinfection workers. Expand
Significance of subclinical entrapment of nerves in lead neuropathy.
A left-handed 25-year-old man engaged for 2 years at a vinyl chloride resin factory where he had been exposed to lead stearate, a stabilizer of resin revealed atrophy of small hand muscles, especially in the left dorsal interossei, indicating cubital tunnel syndrome. Expand
[Load on the low back of care workers in nursing homes for the elderly].
In order to evaluate the load on the low back of care workers in nursing homes for the elderly, basic activities and working postures were analyzed for six care workers using the 30-s snap readingExpand
[Occupational health of endoscope sterilization workers in medical institutions in Osaka Prefecture].
The occupational health problems of endoscope sterilization work have not been resolved and it is necessary to promote the installation of ventilation systems and the use of protective devices in all institutions and health education in regard to the handling of disinfectants is also necessary. Expand