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Effect of mediastinal lymph nodes sampling in patients with clinical stage I non-small cell lung cancer.
OBJECTIVE Systematic nodal dissection has been recommended for patients with resectable non-small cell lung cancer because of its staging accuracy. However, in patients with clinical stage IExpand
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Glycogen aggregates in cardiac muscle cell: a cytopathological study on endomyocardial biopsies.
Glycogen aggregates in the cardiac muscle cell, which have been frequently demonstrated in endomyocardial biopsies under the transmission electron microscope, were studied using the opticalExpand
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Z band abnormality characterized by interwoven structure in human cardiac muscle.
The fine structure of a Z band abnormality which closely resembled that of nemaline body was studied using myocardial biopsies. The abnormality was found in 10 out of 103 examined patients withExpand
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Video-assisted mediastinoscopy
縦隔鏡検査は, 気管周囲のリンパ節病変の診断に極めて有用であり, 多くの施設で行われている.反面, 縦隔という狭い空間での操作であるため, 従来の直視型縦隔鏡では, 術者にしか観察できないこと, 術者の操作姿勢の不自由さ, 鉗子類挿入による観察視野の狭小化など, 改善すべき点が多く, 敬遠する向きも多いのが現状である.そこでわれわれは, Video-Assisted ThoracicExpand
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Candidate biomarkers predictive of anthracycline and taxane efficacy against breast cancer
Background: Since breast cancer shows diversity in clinical behaviors, a standard therapy does not always lead to favorable outcomes. Materials and Methods: The expression statuses of candidateExpand
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[Renal infarction and acute arterial obstruction of the lower extremity encountered after surgery for primary lung cancer].
The patient was 68-year-old who underwent left upper lobectomy and lymph node dissection. On the 4th postoperative day, he developed vomiting and lumbar pain. On 5th postoperative day, he complainedExpand
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Cardiac functions of patients on chronic hemodialysis using echocardiography
慢性透析患者の心機能および心機能に影響を及ぼす心臓の器質的変化について, 心エコー図所見を中心に検討した. 対象は慢性血液透析患者197名で, 男性131名, 女性46名である. 平均年齢は45.7歳であった.結果は, 1) 心エコー図所見では, 左室壁肥厚が88例 (44.6%) と高率に認められた. 駆出率低下は13.2%, 心係数の低下は9.1%であった. 2)Expand
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Postpneumonectomy space control with SF6
一側肺全摘除後, SF6による胸腔内管理を6年以上受けている8例を対象とし, 臨床所見, 経過につき検討した.1: SF6による胸腔内管理は長期にわたり安全に施行可能であった.2: 術後1年以上では施行回数は年平均2回程度となる.胸膜の肥厚によりSF6の吸収が減少し, 胸腔内圧が保持されるためと考えられた.3: 腹部手術, 内視鏡, 放射線, 化学療法は良好なPSで施行可能であった.
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