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Educating the national citizen in neoliberal times: from the multicultural self to the strategic cosmopolitan
The paper is a broad, comparative investigation of shifts in the educational rhetoric and policy of three countries over the past two decades. Using England, Canada and the United States as caseExpand
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Transnational Discourse: Bringing Geography Back In
The concept of transnationalism has become an important means of theorizing accelerated cross-border flows of commodities and people over the last two decades. Theorization has often been limited,Expand
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Neoliberal Governmentality in the European Union: Education, Training, and Technologies of Citizenship
In this paper I argue that increasingly neoliberal forms of governmentality are evident in the educational sector of the European Commission. This is especially the case vis-α-vis the institutionalExpand
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Empathy, expectations, and situational preferences: personality influences on the decision to participate in volunteer helping behaviors.
Although considerable evidence indicates that dispositional empathy is associated with the degree of help that observers will offer needy targets, little is known about the effect of empathy on one'sExpand
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Transnationalism, neo-liberalism, and the rise of the shadow state
This paper examines the processes through which a neo-liberal agenda is broadened and entrenched through time. The case study focuses on a federal immigration policy in Canada in the 1980s, whichExpand
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Different Diasporas and the Hype of Hybridity
In a progressive attempt to find sites of resistance to dominant hegemonies of race and nation, many cultural theorists have begun to rely on notions of in-betweenness and ambivalence, and terms suchExpand
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Geographies of identity: the intimate cosmopolitan
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Veiling, secularism, and the neoliberal subject: national narratives and supranational desires in Turkey and France
In this article we examine recent heated debates about the acceptability of the veil in public institutions in Turkey and France. France's adoption of a law that banned all conspicuous religious andExpand
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Education for Democratic Citizenship: Transnationalism, Multiculturalism, and the Limits of Liberalism
Why and how do shifts in the philosophical underpinnings of education occur? How should students be educated in and for democratic citizenship? In this article, Katharyne Mitchell explores theseExpand
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