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Numerical determination of the equivalent elastic compliance tensor for fractured rock masses using the distinct element method
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to establish a methodology to determine the equivalent elastic properties of fractured rock masses by explicit representations of stochastic fracture systems,Expand
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Stress-dependent permeability of fractured rock masses: A numerical study
We investigate the stress-dependent permeability issue in fractured rock masses considering the effects of nonlinear normal deformation and shear dilation of fractures using a two-dimensionalExpand
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Deformation and strength anisotropy of Asan gneiss, Boryeong shale, and Yeoncheon schist
► Results of deformability and strength anisotropy on three rock types found in Korea are reported. ► The experiments were conducted on rock specimen obtained from the directional coring system. ►Expand
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Determining the equivalent permeability tensor for fractured rock masses using a stochastic REV approach: Method and application to the field data from Sellafield, UK
A numerical procedure to determine the equivalent permeability tensor of a fractured rock is presented, using a stochastic REV (Representative Elementary Volume) concept that uses multipleExpand
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Numerical simulation of thermal-hydrologic-mechanical-chemical processes in deformable, fractured porous media
Abstract A method is introduced to couple the thermal (T), hydrologic (H), and chemical precipitation/dissolution (C) capabilities of TOUGHREACT with the mechanical (M) framework of FLAC3D to examineExpand
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Failure of transversely isotropic rock under Brazilian test conditions
Abstract The behavior of transversely isotropic rock material was studied under Brazilian test conditions for nine different rocks (two sandstones, one shale, two slates, one schist, and threeExpand
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Bonded-particle discrete element modeling of mechanical behavior of transversely isotropic rock
Abstract This paper presents bonded-particle discrete element modeling with embedded smooth joints for simulating the mechanical behavior of transversely isotropic rock with systematic verificationsExpand
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Chemically- and mechanically-mediated influences on the transport and mechanical characteristics of rock fractures - eScholarship
  • K. Min
  • Materials Science, Geology
  • 7 April 2009
A model is presented to represent changes in the mechanical and transport characteristics of fractured rock that result from coupled mechanical and chemical effects. The specific influence is theExpand
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Integrated In Situ Stress Estimation by Hydraulic Fracturing, Borehole Observations and Numerical Analysis at the EXP-1 Borehole in Pohang, Korea
It is desirable to combine the stress measurement data produced by different methods to obtain a more reliable estimation of in situ stress. We present a regional case study of integrated in situExpand
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Characterization of 4.2-km-Deep Fractured Granodiorite Cores from Pohang Geothermal Reservoir, Korea
The rock core test is the most direct and reliable way to measure fundamental physical, hydraulic, and mechanical properties for underground reservoir characterization. A 10-cm diameter andExpand
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