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Crystal structure refinements of magnesite, calcite, rhodochrosite, siderite, smithonite, and dolomite, with discussion of some aspects of the stereochemistry of calcite type carbonates
The crystal structures of magnesite, calcite, rhodochrosite, siderite, smithonite and dolomite were refined by standard single crystal X-ray methods using diffraction data up to sin,9/A = 1.0A -1.Expand
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Herbertsmithite, Cu3Zn(OH)6Cl2, a new species, and the definition of paratacamite
Abstract One in four of the Cu-filled cation sites in clinoatacamite, the monoclinic polymorph of atacamite and botallackite, is angle- rather than Jahn-Teller-distorted. Experiments show that thisExpand
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Ruthenium Tripyrazolylborate Complexes. 9.1 Formation and Characterization of Amidocarbene Complexes
The complexes of the RuTpCl fragment with the mixed bidentate ligands 2-acetamidopyridine (Haapy), 2-acetamido-4-methylpyridine (4-Me-Haapy), and 1-ethyl-2-acetamido-4-methylpyridineExpand
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Ruthenium Tris(pyrazolyl)borate Complexes. 1. Synthesis and Reactivity of Ru(HB(pz)3)(COD)X (X = Cl, Br) and Ru(HB(pz)3)(L2)Cl (L = Nitrogen and Phosphorus Donor Ligands)
The synthesis and catalytic reactivity of a variety of new ruthenium complexes of the tris(pyrazolyl)borate ligand (HB(pz)3) are reported in this paper. From the parent complex Ru(HB(pz)3)(COD)X (X =Expand
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Insecticidal pyrido[1,2-a]azepine alkaloids and related derivatives from Stemona species.
Eight new alkaloids, the pyrido[1,2-a]azepines stemokerrin, methoxystemokerrin-N-oxide, oxystemokerrin, oxystemokerrin-N-oxide, and pyridostemin, along with the pyrrolo[1,2-a]azepinesExpand
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Crystal structure and crystallographic properties of a Schröckingerite from Joachimsthal
The crystal structure of a schrockingerite from Joachimsthal, NaCa3[UO2(CO3)3](SO4) F·10H2O, triclinic, space groupP1,a=9.634(1),b=9.635(1),c=14.391(2) A, α-91.41(1), β=92.33(1), γ=120.26(1)°,V=1151Expand
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Synthesis of glycyrrhetinic acid derivatives for the treatment of metabolic diseases.
The effect of glycyrrhetinic acid (GA) and GA-derivatives towards 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (11beta-HSD) was investigated. Novel compounds with modifications at positions C-3, C-11 and C-29Expand
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Chenite, Pb4Cu(SO4)2(OH)6, a new mineral, from Leadhills, Scotland
Chenite, a new lead-copper secondary mineral,has been found on specimens from the Leadhills area,Scotland. It is associated with caledonite, linarite, leadhillite, susannite, and other species, onExpand
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The crystal structure of Liebigite, Ca2UO2(CO3)3·∼11H2O
The crystal structure of liebigite, previously only incompletely known from a short note, has been determined from X-ray 4-circle diffractometer data and refined toR=0.030 for 3005 observedExpand
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