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Bayesian Computation and Stochastic Systems
Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods have been used extensively in statistical physics over the last 40 years, in spatial statistics for the past 20 and in Bayesian image analysis over the lastExpand
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Rates of convergence of the Hastings and Metropolis algorithms
We apply recent results in Markov chain theory to Hastings and Metropolis algorithms with either independent or symmetric candidate distributions, and provide necessary and sufficient conditions forExpand
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Handbook of Meta-analysis in Ecology and Evolution
"Meta-analysis is a powerful statistical methodology for synthesizing research evidence across independent studies. This is the first comprehensive handbook of meta-analysis written specifically forExpand
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Eliciting expert knowledge in conservation science.
Expert knowledge is used widely in the science and practice of conservation because of the complexity of problems, relative lack of data, and the imminent nature of many conservation decisions.Expand
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Bayesian Modelling and Inference on Mixtures of Distributions
Publisher Summary Mixture distributions comprise a finite or infinite number of components, possibly of different distributional types, that can describe different features of data. The BayesianExpand
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Size distribution and sites of origin of droplets expelled from the human respiratory tract during expiratory activities
Abstract A new expiratory droplet investigation system (EDIS) was used to conduct the most comprehensive program of study to date, of the dilution corrected droplet size distributions produced duringExpand
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Characterization of expiration air jets and droplet size distributions immediately at the mouth opening
Abstract Size distributions of expiratory droplets expelled during coughing and speaking and the velocities of the expiration air jets of healthy volunteers were measured. Droplet size wasExpand
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Asymptotic behaviour of the posterior distribution in overfitted mixture models
Abstract Summary.  We study the asymptotic behaviour of the posterior distribution in a mixture model when the number of components in the mixture is larger than the true number of components: aExpand
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Characteristics of particle number and mass concentrations in residential houses in Brisbane, Australia
Abstract Diurnal variation of indoor submicrometer (0.007–0.808 μm) particle number and particle mass (approximation of PM2.5) concentrations was investigated in 15 houses in a residential suburb ofExpand
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Elicitation by design in ecology: using expert opinion to inform priors for Bayesian statistical models.
Bayesian statistical modeling has several benefits within an ecological context. In particular, when observed data are limited in sample size or representativeness, then the Bayesian frameworkExpand
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