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Translational coupling at an intercistronic boundary of the Escherichia coli galactose operon
Precise frameshift and nonsense mutations were introduced into the region preceding the galactokinase gene (galK) of Escherichia coli. These mutations after the position at which upstream translationExpand
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Removal of a terminator structure by RNA processing regulates int gene expression.
The int gene of phage lambda encodes a protein involved in site-specific recombination. Its expression is regulated differentially during successive phases of the lambda infective cycle. The gene isExpand
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Transcription terminator involved in the expression of the int gene of phage lambda.
The phage lambda int gene is transcribed from two different promoters, pI and pL. Transcription from pI results in efficient synthesis of Int protein whereas transcription originating from pL resultsExpand
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Function of molecular chaperones in bacteriophage and plasmid DNA replication
The heat shock protein 70 molecular chaperone system of DnaK, DnaJ and GrpE is necessary for the replication of several E. coli phage and plasmids. For plasmid P1 DNA replication, this systemExpand
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CII-dependent activation of the pRE promoter of coliphage lambda fused to the Escherichia coli galK gene.
Using a cloning vector designed for the study of prokaryotic promoters by fusion to the Escherichia coli galactokinase gene (galK), we have constructed a plasmid in which the lambda pRE promoterExpand
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Gravitation Physics at BGPL
Abstract We report progress on a program of gravitational physics experiments using cryogenic torsion pendula undergoing large-amplitude torsion oscillation. This program includes tests of theExpand
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DNA Molecules as Standard Reference Materials I: Development of DNA Identification Sequences and Human Mitochondrial DNA Reference Sequences
This paper describes the design, construction and characterization of two DNA molecules that function as prototype Standard Reference Materials for use in the determination of DNA sequences. TheExpand
Small genomes: New initiatives in mapping and sequencing. Workshop summary report
The workshop was held 5--7 July 1993 at the Center for Advanced Research in Biotechnology (CARB) and hosted by the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute (UMBI) and the National Institute ofExpand