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Group Model Building to Assess Rural Dairy Cooperative Feasibility in South-Central Mexico
A group model building process based on system dynamics was developed to assess the potential of a cooperative manufacturing and marketing goat cheese in a community near Xalapa. The processExpand
Application of local binary patterns in digital images to estimate botanical composition in mixed alfalfa-grass fields
The LBP method is promising based on this study, but further evaluation under diverse field conditions, including different cameras and grass species, is necessary to assess usefulness. Expand
Urea and composted cattle manure affect forage yield and nutritive value in sandy soils of south‐central Vietnam
Urea increased nutrient yield for all forage nutritive value parameters measured and composted cattle manure combined with urea benefits grass yield, but high application rates are needed for sustained high yields on sandy soils. Expand
Preharvest Neutral Detergent Fiber Concentration of Temperate Perennial Grasses as Influenced by Stubble Height
Regression equations were developed to estimate the preharvest neutral detergent fiber (NDF) concentration of temperate perennial grasses at variable cutting height and had some merit but may have limited predictive capacity under conditions and years different than those used in equation development. Expand
Structure and impact of cattle manure trade in crop–livestock systems of Vietnam
Abstract Cattle manure value chains play important biological and economic roles in smallholder crop–livestock systems in developing countries, but relative to other livestock products ourExpand
Impact of Forage Fertilization with Urea and Composted Cattle Manure on Soil Fertility in Sandy Soils of South-Central Vietnam
Increased production in smallholder beef systems requires improved forage management. Our objective was to evaluate the effects of composted cattle manure and mineral nitrogen (urea) application onExpand
Nutrient status of cattle grazing systems in the western brazilian amazon
Abstract Low-input cultivated pastures to feed cattle have dominated land use after forest clearing for decades in the western Brazilian Amazon. This study was undertaken to help understand theExpand
Foraging and body condition characterization of goats in Northwestern India
These aspects of the semi-intensive goat system in Udaipur district improve understanding of household characteristics and practices impacting nutritional management and goat condition and can direct future goat nutrition research initiatives. Expand