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Rational Fictions: Central Bank Independence and the Social Logic of Delegation
The conventional wisdom in support of central bank independence rests on a series of contestable arguments about the relationship between democracy, policy making, and economic outcomes. Empirical
The Limits of Transparency: Ambiguity and the History of International Finance
  • K. McNamara
  • Economics
    Perspectives on Politics
  • 23 November 2005
The Limits of Transparency: Ambiguity and the History of International Finance. By Jacqueline Best. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2005. 240p. $37.50. While social constructivism has moved
The Currency of Ideas
A plastic container has a bottom wall; upstanding side walls; a snap acting top wall with a dispensing opening, said top capable of flexing in two concentric annular zones to assume two stable
The Euro Crisis’ Theory Effect: Northern Saints, Southern Sinners, and the Demise of the Eurobond
Abstract Of the multiple narratives EU policymakers could have chosen at the onset of the euro crisis, why did austerity and structural reform win out over other plausible cures for member states’
Of intellectual monocultures and the study of IPE
ABSTRACT The intellectual monoculture that we currently observe in American IPE, based upon an allegiance to liberalism, rationalism and quantitative methodology, is a misguided departure from the
Consensus and Constraint: Ideas and Capital Mobility in European Monetary Integration
The critical foundation for European monetary integration is the neoliberal economic policy convergence that occurred across the majority of the European governments beginning in the mid-1970s and
Making history : European integration and institutional change at fifty
Introduction PART 1 THE PAST AND FUTURE OF EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRATION 1. The European Constitutional Settlement 2. Built to Last? The Durability of EU Federalism 3. Informal Decision-Making