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Training student pharmacists to administer emergency pediatric influenza vaccine: A comparison of traditional vs. just-in-time training.
INTRODUCTION This study compared traditional training (TT) and just-in-time training (JITT) of P3 student pharmacists regarding interest, confidence, and comfort pre- and post-training (primaryExpand
Pharmacist, physician, and patient opinions of pharmacist-treated minor ailments and conditions.
OBJECTIVES To determine physician, pharmacist, and patient perceptions of pharmacist-provided treatment services for minor ailments and conditions and to assess the potential for communityExpand
Using Collaborative Drug Therapy Agreements to Train Student Pharmacists to Provide Clinical Patient Care Services
Objective. To assess the impact of a new course designed to train student pharmacists to provide clinical patient care services delivered through collaborative drug practice agreements. Design. AnExpand
Training pharmacy technicians to administer immunizations.
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effectiveness of an immunization training program for pharmacy technicians on technicians' self-reported confidence, knowledge, and number of vaccines administered. Expand
Pharmacy Technician-Administered Vaccines: On Perceptions and Practice Reality
Doucette and Schommer recently surveyed U.S. community pharmacy technicians on their willingness to perform tasks including the administration of vaccines. They found that 47.1% of techniciansExpand
Redesigning the Traditional Community Health Screening Model to Provide Blood Glucose Screening and Interdisciplinary Health Education
Community health screenings provide an opportunity for anyone to receive free or inexpensive health evaluations to help determine their risk of developing a medical condition such as diabetes. AExpand
Training Student Pharmacists to Perform Point-of-Care Testing
Objective. To implement training in point-of-care testing (POCT) for student pharmacists and to assess students’ comfort with performing and recommending POCT for Group A streptococcus (GAS),Expand
The Value and Potential Integration of Pharmacy Technician National Certification into Processes That Help Assure a Competent Workforce
The purposes of this study were: (1) to determine pharmacists’ perceptions of the impact of certification on competence in specific job skills, its impact in combination with job experience, and itsExpand
Supervising pharmacists' opinions about pharmacy technicians as immunizers.
OBJECTIVES To determine the opinions of pharmacists who supervise immunizing pharmacy technicians regarding initial trust of immunizing technicians, perceived quality of the training program, needExpand