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Adiponectin and leptin are related to fat mass in horses.
Plasma concentrations of adiponectin and leptin were measured in 23 mature Standardbred mares (age: 10+/-3 years) and 12 weanling fillies (10 Quarter Horse/Belgian crossbreds and two Quarter Horses;Expand
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Effect of exercise on the immune response of young and old horses.
OBJECTIVE To compare exercise-induced immune modulation in young and older horses. ANIMALS 6 young and 6 aged horses that were vaccinated against equine influenza virus. PROCEDURE Venous bloodExpand
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Exercise-induced alterations in plasma concentrations of ghrelin, adiponectin, leptin, glucose, insulin, and cortisol in horses.
Six Standardbred (STB) mares (11+/-2 years, 521+/-77 kg; means+/-SD) performed an exercise trial (EX) where they underwent an incremental exercise test (GXT) as well as a parallel control trial (CON)Expand
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Diurnal variation of ghrelin, leptin, and adiponectin in Standardbred mares.
Twelve Standardbred mares underwent blood sampling for 24 h to test the hypothesis that there is diurnal variation of humoral mediators of peripheral energy balance including active ghrelin,Expand
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Caffeine vs caffeine-free sports drinks: effects on urine production at rest and during prolonged exercise.
We compared the effects of caffeinated vs non-caffeinated carbohydrate electrolyte (CE) drinks on urine volume (UV), free water clearance (CH2O), fractional excretion of water (FEH2O), and osmolarExpand
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Plasma leptin, ghrelin and adiponectin concentrations in young fit racehorses versus mature unfit standardbreds.
Concentrations of hormones related to energy homeostasis may differ between populations with varied body compositions, acting as signals to increase or decrease energy intake and/or expenditure. HowExpand
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Overview of horse body composition and muscle architecture: implications for performance.
A better understanding of the proportion of skeletal muscle a horse possesses may lead to abetter understanding of horse performance. Expand
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The endocrine system and the challenge of exercise.
  • K. McKeever
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  • The Veterinary clinics of North America. Equine…
  • 1 August 2002
Fine-tuning of the response to exercise that lasts longer than a few seconds is reliant on the regulation of several key variables governing the cardiopulmonary, vascular, and metabolic response toExpand
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Role of decreased plasma volume in hematocrit alterations during incremental treadmill exercise in horses.
Six intact (IN) and six splenectomized (SP) mares were subjected to an incremental exercise test to examine the role of decreases in plasma volume (PV) in the changes in hematocrit (Hct) normallyExpand
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Effect of tryptophan and of glucose on exercise capacity of horses.
We hypothesized that central fatigue may have a role in limiting the endurance capacity of horses. Therefore, we tested the effect of infusing tryptophan and/or glucose on endurance time and plasmaExpand
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