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EMGLAB: An interactive EMG decomposition program
This paper describes an interactive computer program for decomposing EMG signals into their component motor-unit potential (MUP) trains and for averaging MUP waveforms. Expand
On the Nature and Elimination of Stimulus Artifact in Nerve Signals Evoked and Recorded Using Surface Electrodes
The electrical stimulus pulse and the surface electrodes commonly used to study compound action potentials of peripheral nerves give rise to an artifact consisting of an initial spike and a longer lasting tail which often interferes with the recorded signal. Expand
Automatic Decomposition of the Clinical Electromyogram
We describe a new automatic signal-processing method (ADEMG) for extracting motor-unit action potentials (MUAP's) from the electromyographic interference pattern for clinical diagnostic purposes. Expand
Neuromuscular activation and motor-unit firing characteristics in cerebral palsy.
  • J. Rose, K. McGill
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Developmental medicine and child neurology
  • 1 May 2005
Muscle strength, neuromuscular activation, and motor-unit firing characteristics (firing rate, recruitment, and short-term synchronization) were assessed during voluntary contractions of the medialExpand
Motor unit firing rates and firing rate variability in the detection of neuromuscular disorders.
We have used automatic decomposition electromyography (ADEMG) to study 41 muscles in 29 patients with well-defined peripheral and central motor disorders. In motor neuron diseases motor unit actionExpand
High-Resolution Alignment of Sampled Waveforms
  • K. McGill, L. Dorfman
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
  • 1 June 1984
This paper shows how high resolution can be achieved efficiently from data sampled at the Nyquist rate by working with coefficients of the Fourier-series expansion of the continuous interpolating waveform. Expand
Can Anatomic Femoral Tunnel Placement Be Achieved Using a Transtibial Technique for Hamstring Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction?
Background: Recent studies have emphasized the importance of anatomic tunnel placement during anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction in an effort to restore normal knee kinematics andExpand
Optimal resolution of superimposed action potentials
  • K. McGill
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
  • 7 August 2002
This paper presents a practical algorithm for resolving superimposed action potentials encountered during the decomposition of electromyographic signals. Expand
The effects of a three-week use of lumbosacral orthoses on trunk muscle activity and on the muscular response to trunk perturbations
BackgroundThe effects of lumbosacral orthoses (LSOs) on neuromuscular control of the trunk are not known. There is a concern that wearing LSOs for a long period may adversely alter muscle control,Expand
Clinical outcomes of reverse total shoulder arthroplasty in patients aged younger than 60 years.
BACKGROUND Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty (RTSA) has been indicated primarily for patients aged older than 65 years with symptomatic rotator cuff deficiency, poor function, and pain. However,Expand