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Evolution of a key trait greatly affects underground community assembly process through habitat adaptation in earthworms
Abstract Underground community assemblies have not been studied well compared with aboveground communities, despite their importance for our understanding of whole ecosystems. To investigateExpand
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The occurrence and function of the sphragis in the zerynthiine genera Zerynthia, Allancastria and Bhutanitis (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea: Papilionidae)
ABSTRACT In some butterfly species males attach a large external mating plug termed a sphragis to the female abdomen during mating. This is derived from male accessory secretions and covers theExpand
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Remarkable drag reduction in non-affine viscoelastic turbulent flows
We carry out a direct numerical simulation (DNS) study which aims to reveal the mechanism of turbulence drag reduction (DR) in polymer diluted flows. The polymer chains are modeled as elasticExpand
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Marked drag reduction in non-affine viscoelastic turbulence in homogeneous isotropic and pipe flows
Effect of non-affinity of the molecular motions to the macroscopic deformation in the polymer-diluted flow on turbulent drag reduction (DR) is studied using the DNS data for homogeneous isotropicExpand
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