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Pedestrian-movement prediction based on mixed Markov-chain model
A method for predicting pedestrian movement on the basis of a mixed Markov-chain model (MMM) is proposed. Expand
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Genetic variability and geographical structure in partially selfing populations
In order to clarify the effect of selfing on genetic variation in geographically structured populations, Wright's island model is generalized to include; the effects of extinction, mutation, selfing,Expand
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A mixed autoregressive hidden-markov-chain model applied to people's movements
A "mixed autoregressive hidden Markov model" (MAR-HMM) is proposed for modeling people's movements. Expand
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Ubiquitous Spatial-Information Services Using Cell Phones
Using 3G cell phones instead of conventional PCs or personal digital assistants (PDAs) will make possible ubiquitous spatial information services. Expand
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Agent-based parallel recognition method of contour lines
We propose an agent-based parallel recognition method for digitizing contour lines. Expand
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Quantum mechanical model for two-state jump Markovian process
A quantum mechanical model is given which is equivalent to the stochastic dephasing subject to the two-state jump Markovian process. The stochastic variable corresponds to a Hermitian operator of aExpand
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An optimized fast protocol for magnetic resonance imaging of the temporomandibular joint.
We develop a fast TSE pulse sequence for MRI of the TMJ with high contrast resolution of both soft tissue and joint fluid. Expand
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Acceleration technique of snake-shaped regions retrieval method for telematics navigation service system
We proposed the following three methods in this paper as techniques for accelerating range retrieval processing of a route area with the aim of achieving a spatial information server for Telematics. Expand
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Car navigation system
A car navigation system by which a user can easily grasp a drop-in target in the course of a route in the form of a land mark. Expand
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Performance of the hexagonal calorimeter at PEP-4☆
Abstract A Geiger-mode electromagnetic shower calorimeter has been constructed for PEP-4. Six trapezoidal modules cover 75% of 4 π solid angle in a hexagonal array. Each module contains 40 sense wireExpand
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