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ESR studies of photogenerated polarons in regioregular poly(3-alkylthiophene)–fullerene composite
Abstract Electron spin resonance (ESR) studies of photogenerated polarons in composite of regioregular poly(3-octylthiophene) (PAT8) and fullerene (C60) using variable photoexcitation energy up toExpand
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Mechanistic Investigation into the Light Soaking Effect Observed in Inverted Polymer Solar Cells Containing Chemical Bath Deposited Titanium Oxide
In the glass–indium tin oxide (ITO)/titanium oxide (TiOx)/regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT):[6,6]-phenyl C61 butyric acid methyl esterExpand
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Nanoscale spatial extent of photogenerated polarons in regioregular poly(3-octylthiophene)
We present nanoscale spatial extent of photogenerated polarons in a conjugated polymer, regioregular poly(3-octylthiophene). Light-induced electron-nuclear double-resonance (LENDOR) signals areExpand
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Electron Spin Resonance of Field-Induced Polarons in Regioregular Poly(3-alkylthiophene) Using Metal–Insulator–Semiconductor Diode Structures
We report electron spin resonance (ESR) studies on field-induced charge carriers in regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene) (RR-P3HT) and regioregular poly(3-octylthiophene) (RR-P3OT) forExpand
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Direct observation of UV-induced charge accumulation in inverted-type polymer solar cells with a TiOx layer: Microscopic elucidation of the light-soaking phenomenon
The mechanism of light-soaking phenomenon in inverted-type organic solar cells (IOSCs) with a structure of indium-tin-oxide/TiOx/P3HT:PCBM/Au was studied by electron spin resonance (ESR)Expand
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Direct observation of dramatically enhanced hole formation in a perovskite-solar-cell material spiro-OMeTAD by Li-TFSI doping
Electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy of 2,2′,7,7′-tetrakis-(N,N-di-p-methoxyphenylamine)9,9′-spirobifluorene (spiro-OMeTAD) thin films and perovskite (CH3NH3PbI3)/spiro-OMeTAD layered films areExpand
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J-aggregate formation of 6-methyl-merocyanine dye in mixed Langmuir-Blodgett films with arachidic acid in a wide range of mixing ratio
By changing the dye concentration with respect to the fatty acid matrix, J-aggregate formation of the 6-methyl-merocyanine dye (6Me-DS) molecules in the mixed Langmuir–Blodgett film is studied byExpand
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Electrical Conduction of Regioregular and Regiorandom Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Doped with Iodine
The electrical conduction of regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene) (RR-P3HT) and regiorandom poly(3-hexylthiophene) (RRa-P3HT) doped with iodine is studied as a function of doping level. The electricalExpand
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Charge Formation in Pentacene Layers During Solar‐Cell Fabrication: Direct Observation by Electron Spin Resonance
Microscopic characterization of charge carriers in solar cells is useful for high-performance cell fabrication because the formation and accumulation of charges in cells greatly affect the deviceExpand
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Initial photooxidation mechanism leading to reactive radical formation of polythiophene derivatives
We investigated the initial photooxidation mechanism leading to reactive radical formation of polythiophene derivatives by focusing on the differences in the photochemical behaviors of photounstableExpand
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