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Converging gender roles
Katherine Marshall is with the Labour and Household Surveys Analysis Division. She can be reached at 613 951-6890 or perspectives@statcan.ca. Families are the cornerstone of any society. Their supplyExpand
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Benefiting from extended parental leave
T HE UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE Act (EIA) of 1940 introduced unemployment insurance to Canada, but it was another 30 years before the Act provided provisions for maternity leave. Starting in 1971,Expand
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Fighting the odds
OVER THE PAST DECADE the gambling industry has flourished. Canadians have steadily increased their wagering—from an estimated $2.7 billion in 1992 to about $11.3 billion in 2002 (Marshall 1996, 1998,Expand
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Development and Religion: A Different Lens on Development Debates
In much international development work, religion has been a marginal, if not an ignored, topic. The inverse applies for many faith institutions, which have viewed the work and thinking of developmentExpand
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The World Bank: From Reconstruction to Development to Equity
Introduction 1. "In the Catbird's Seat" - The World Bank and International Development 2. How the World Bank has Evolved in Response to External Events 3. Nuts and Bolts: How the World Bank FunctionsExpand
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The family work week
Katherine Marshall is with the Labour and Household Surveys Analysis Division. She can be reached at 613-951-6890 or perspectives@statcan.gc.ca. T he paid work week has recently shown a steadyExpand
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The Gambling Industry: Raising the Stakes
L'industrie des jeux de hasard a conserve une longueur d'avance sur la plupart des branches d'activite. Le jeu a fait grimper les recettes et cree des emploi dans bien des regions. Bien que certainesExpand
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Youth neither enrolled nor employed
The not in education, employment, or training (NEET) indicator, the proportion of youth age 15 to 29 who are neither in education nor employment, is regularly published by the Organisation forExpand
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Development and Faith: Where Mind, Heart, and Soul Work Together
This book aims to advance the shared understanding that is emerging from a dialogue on global development issues. It takes stock of a decade of exchanges and partnerships that have marked the effortExpand
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On sick leave
Long-term absences from work because of illness or disability can be costly for an employer. Direct costs include reduced productivity and output as well as replacement of labour, while indirectExpand
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