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Reductions in acetylcholine and nicotine binding in several degenerative diseases.
Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and progressive supranuclear palsy are all characterized by loss of neurons in the basal forebrain cholinergic system and by associated reductions inExpand
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Local anesthetics differentiate dihydropyridine calcium antagonist binding sites in rat brain and cardiac membranes.
Local anesthetics were used to probe differences in the binding of [3H]nitrendipine to dihydropyridine calcium antagonist binding sites on rat brain and cardiac membranes. Local anesthetics inhibitedExpand
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Huntington's disease
The properties of benzodiazepine receptors in samples of six areas of cerebral cortex from patients and controls matched with respect to age, sex, and postmortem delay have been studied by in vitroExpand
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Intelligent agents for network management: a fault detection experiment
We present an architecture for flexible intelligent agents dedicated to building network management systems and their application for a concrete experiment. The agent architecture is based on skillsExpand
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A Software Agent Architecture for Network Management: Case Studies and Experience Gained
Current Network Management paradigms are rigid and lack flexibility. This makes the task of managing a highly evolving and dynamic network difficult to cope with. This paper presents the results ofExpand
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On Integer Multiflows and Metric Packings in Matroids
Seymour [10] has characterized graphs and more generally matroids in which the simplest possible necessary condition, the “cut condition”, is also sufficient for multiflow feasibility. In this workExpand
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Enhancement of [3H]DAGO1 binding to rat brain by low concentrations of monovalent cations.
The effects of mono- and di-valent cations and the nonhydrolyzable guanyl nucleotide derivative 5'-guanylimidodiphosphate (Gpp(NH)p) on the binding of the selective, high affinity mu-opiate receptorExpand
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Improving reliability of intelligent agents for network management
  • K. Marcus
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  • Integrated Network Management VI. Distributed…
  • 24 May 1999
In the DIANA (Distributed Intelligent Agents for Network Administration) project, the main objective is to achieve network management using intelligent agents delegating tasks in a simple and easyExpand
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The Economic Addition of Functionality to a Network
In the operation of communication and computer networks, it may become desirable or necessary to add a new function to the network through the placement of the corresponding electronic device withinExpand
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