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The Resurgence of Anti-Semitism on American College Campuses
Few American college campuses have witnessed the number and intensity of anti-Semitic incidents reported at San Francisco State University, Columbia University, and the University of California atExpand
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Genderqueer: One Family’s Experience with Gender Variance
Accounts of the experiences of gender variant individuals that have recently received attention in the popular and psychoanalytic literature have led to an increased appreciation for the complexExpand
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Jailhouse Islamophobia: Anti-Muslim Discrimination in American Prisons
The post 9/11 surge in America’s Muslim prison population has stirred deep-seated fears, including the specter that American prisons will become a breeding system for “radicalized Islam.” With theseExpand
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Bullying as a Civil Rights Violation: The U.S. Department of Education’s Approach to Harassment
The Obama Administration recently mounted a high-profile campaign against bullying in public schools, staging a White House conference on bullying prevention, featuring the President and first lady;Expand
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Jewish Identity and Civil Rights in America
1. The dilemma of Jewish difference 2. The Jewish question in civil rights enforcement 3. The nature of the new campus anti-Semitism 4. Criticisms 5. First Amendment issues 6. Misunderstanding JewsExpand
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The Definition of Anti-Semitism
issue: the year 2014 alone saw a measurable rise in anti-Semitic violence globally. Advance Praise: "Well written and well documented, Marcus’ new book on the definition of anti-Semitism is a timelyExpand
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Accusation in a Mirror
This is the first full-length exploration of "accusation in a mirror" or "human rights inversion" in international human rights law. Essentially, accusation in a mirror (AiM) is a common techniqueExpand
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Attitude, Behavior, and Ideology