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Associations between site of skin lesions and depression, social anxiety, body-related emotions and feelings of stigmatization in psoriasis patients
Introduction Research has demonstrated a link between psoriasis and a multitude of psychological impairments; however, relatively few studies have examined the importance of site of skin lesions forExpand
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Electoral contexts that assist voter coordination: Ballot position effects in Poland
Hypothetically, in the open list PR system, all contestants, independently of their ballot position, have the same chance of winning a mandate. In practice, candidates placed at the top of the ballotExpand
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Contesting climate change: mapping the political debate in Poland
We examine the effectiveness of norm diffusion by the European Union (EU) using the example of the climate debate in Poland. To explore the relationship between the salience of an issue and theExpand
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How does stigma affect people with psoriasis?
Introduction Psoriasis is associated with a major additional psychological burden. Aim To investigate whether the extent of skin involvement, stigmatization, and perceived social support are relatedExpand
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The Effects of Electoral Rules on Parliamentary Behavior
Do different types of preferential-list PR systems create different incentives for how Members of Parliament vote? To examine this, we compare the quasi-list system of Poland, where only preferenceExpand
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Interventionism of voters: district size, level of government, and the use of preference votes
This paper examines the use of preference votes under the open-list proportional representation system in the elections of assemblies at different levels of government. Our empirical analysis focusesExpand
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The relationship between psoriasis and depression: A multiple mediation model.
This study examined the relationship between psoriasis and depression, proposing a multiple mediation model to analyse the relationship. A total of 193 patients with psoriasis aged 20-67 yearsExpand
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Ballot Position Effects Under Compulsory and Optional Preferential-List PR Electoral Systems
How do voters in preferential-list proportional representation (PLPR) systems make their candidate choices after selecting their party? We study this question in Poland and the Czech Republic, whichExpand
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The Economy or an Urban–Rural Divide? Explaining Spatial Patterns of Voting Behaviour in Poland
This article contributes to the debate on spatial variance of voting behaviour in Poland. Using empirical data from the 2015 Polish parliamentary election, two alternative explanations of observedExpand
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