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Purification and characterization of perlucin and perlustrin, two new proteins from the shell of the mollusc Haliotis laevigata.
Two new proteins, named perlucin and perlustrin, with M(r) 17,000 and 13,000, respectively, were isolated from the shell of the mollusc Halotis laevigata (abalone) by ion-exchange chromatography and
Recombinant nidogen consists of three globular domains and mediates binding of laminin to collagen type IV.
A new model for the shape of nidogen is established consisting of three globes of variable mass connected by either a rod‐like or a thin segment, indicating that the N‐terminal domain of the more native, recombinant protein consists of two globules connected by a flexible segment.
The chicken egg white proteome
  • K. Mann
  • Biology, Medicine
  • 1 October 2007
The list of egg white proteins provided is by far the most comprehensive at present and is intended to serve as a starting point for the isolation and functional characterization of interesting new proteins.
Structure, function and tissue forms of the C‐terminal globular domain of collagen XVIII containing the angiogenesis inhibitor endostatin
It is demonstrated that proteolytic release of endostatin can occur through several pathways, which may lead to a switch from a matrix‐associated to a more soluble endocrine form.
Proteomic analysis of the acid‐soluble organic matrix of the chicken calcified eggshell layer
The present study is the first comprehensive proteomic study of a vertebrate biomineral and is intended as a starting point for the detailed molecular characterization of eggshell matrix proteins, their interactions in the matrix network and functional studies.
The amino-acid sequence of the abalone (Haliotis laevigata) nacre protein perlucin. Detection of a functional C-type lectin domain with galactose/mannose specificity.
Solid phase assays show a divalent metal ion-dependent binding of Perlucin to (neo)glycoproteins containing D-galactose or D-mannose/D-glucose indicating that perlucin is a functional C-type lectin with broad carbohydrate-binding specificity.
Structural and Functional Analysis of the Recombinant G Domain of the Laminin α4 Chain and Its Proteolytic Processing in Tissues*
The C-terminal G domains of laminin α chains have been implicated in various cellular and other interactions and produced in transfected mammalian cells as two tandem arrays of LG modules, α4 LG1–3 and α4LG4–5, which showed poor substrates for cell adhesion and had only a low affinity for the α-dystroglycan receptor.
The eggshell: structure, composition and mineralization.
Eggshell microstructure and ultrastructure is reviewed, and the results of recent genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic analyses of the chicken eggshell matrix are reviewed to draw attention to areas of current uncertainty such as the potential role of amorphous calcium carbonate.
The chicken egg yolk plasma and granule proteomes
Using 1‐D SDS‐PAGE, LC‐MS/MS, and MS3, 119 proteins from chicken egg yolk were identified, 86 of which were not identified in yolk previously, and may serve as a starting point for the characterization of less well‐known yolk proteins.
Mip protein of Legionella pneumophila exhibits peptidyl‐prolyl‐cis/trans isomerase (PPIase) activity
A search of translated nucleic acid data bases has shown that the Mip protein from strain Wadsworth possesses regions homologous to those found in the FK506‐binding proteins (FKBPs) of several different eukaryotic organisms.