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A 160μW 8-channel active electrode system for EEG monitoring
An important drawback of current biopotential monitoring systems is their dependence on gel electrodes, which can dry out, cause skin irritation, and necessitate skilled personnel. Expand
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A CMOS smart temperature sensor with a 3σ inaccuracy of ±0.1 °C from -55 °C to 125 °C
A low-cost temperature sensor with on-chip sigma-delta ADC and digital bus interface was realized in a 0.5 μm CMOS process. Expand
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A 6.3 µW 20 bit Incremental Zoom-ADC with 6 ppm INL and 1 µV Offset
A 20-bit incremental ADC for battery-powered sensor applications is presented. Expand
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A 1.8 $\mu$ W 60 nV$/\surd$ Hz Capacitively-Coupled Chopper Instrumentation Amplifier in 65 nm CMOS for Wireless Sensor Nodes
This paper presents a low-power precision instrumentation amplifier intended for use in wireless sensor nodes. Expand
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A CMOS Temperature Sensor With a Voltage-Calibrated Inaccuracy of ±0.15°C (3σ) From -55°C to 125°C
This paper describes the design of a low power, energy-efficient CMOS smart temperature sensor intended for RFID temperature sensing. Expand
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A capacitance-to-digital converter for displacement sensing with 17b resolution and 20μs conversion time
In precision mechatronic systems, such as wafer steppers, the position of critical mechanical components must be dynamically stabilized with sub-nanometer precision. Expand
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A 20-b $\pm$ 40-mV Range Read-Out IC With 50-nV Offset and 0.04% Gain Error for Bridge Transducers
This paper presents a 20-b read-out IC with ±40-mV full-scale range that is intended for use with bridge transducers. Expand
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12.8 A BJT-based CMOS temperature sensor with a 3.6pJ·K2-resolution FoM
This paper presents a precision BJT-based temperature sensor implemented in standard CMOS. Expand
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A CMOS temperature sensor with a voltage-calibrated inaccuracy of ±0.15°C (3σ) from −55 to 125°C
This paper describes an energy-efficient CMOS temperature sensor intended for use in RFID tags. Expand
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Delft University of Technology A Resistor-Based Temperature Sensor With a 0.13 pJ·K2 Resolution FoM
This paper describes a high-resolution energy-efficient CMOS temperature sensor, intended for the temperature compensation of MEMS/Quartz frequency references. The sensor is based on silicidedExpand
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