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Synthesis of symmetrical and unsymmetrical 1,3,4-oxadiazoles and their interconversion to 1,3,4-thiadiazoles and 1,2,4-triazoles
A new class of symmetrical and unsymmetrical 1,3,4-oxadiazoles was prepared. Interconversion of oxadiazoles to thiadiazoles and triazoles was effected in the presence of appropriate nucleophiles.
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Synthesis, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of sulfone linked bis heterocycles-pyrazolyl oxadiazoles and pyrazolyl thiadiazole.
A new class of bis heterocycles-sulfone linked pyrazolyl oxadiazoles and thiadiazoles were developed from Z-styrylsulfonylacetic acid. The pyrazolyl thiadiazoles exhibited excellent antimicrobialExpand
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Synthesis and biological activity of a new class of sulfone linked bis(heterocycles)
Novel sulfone linked bis(heterocycles) having two different heterocyclic rings viz., oxazoline / thiazoline in combination with pyrrole are prepared from E-aroylethenesulfonylacetic acid methyl esterExpand
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Synthesis and biological activity of a new class of sulfone-linked pyrrolylpyrazoles and pyrrolylisoxazoles from methyl-3-aryl-2-(E-arylethenesulfonyl)acrylate.
A new class of sulfone-linked bis heterocycles, methyl-3-(4'-aryl-1'H-pyrazol-3'-ylsulfonyl)-4-aryl-3H-pyrrole-3-carboxylate (8),Expand
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Synthesis and bioassay of amino-pyrazolone, amino-isoxazolone and amino-pyrimidinone derivatives.
Novel amino-pyrazolone, amino-isoxazolone and amino-pyrimidinone derivatives were prepared from ethyl 4-phenylsulfonyl-2-(2'-phenylsulfonylethyl)-2-cyanobutyrate (1), ethylExpand
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Phenacylsulfonylacetic acid methyl ester‐synthon for 1,2,3‐selena/thiadiazoles and 2H‐diazaphospholes
A new class of 1,2,3-selena/thiadiazoles and 2H-diazaphospholes were synthesized by exploiting α-ketomethylene group in phenacylsulfonylacetic acid methyl ester.
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Phenacylsulfonylacetic esters — source for thiadiazoles, triazoles and oxadiazoles
A new class of thiadiazoles, triazoles and oxadiazoles were prepared from phenacylsulfonylacetic ester by protecting the carbonyl group by oximation. Deoximation was affected by using β-cyclodextrinExpand
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Aroylethenesulfonylacetic acid methyl ester: a synthon for novel sulfone linked bis heterocycles.
Novel sulfone linked bis heterocycles containing two different heterocyclic rings viz., pyrazoline in combination with thiadiazole, oxadiazole and triazole were synthesized and studied theirExpand
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Synthesis and bioassay of oxazolyl/thiazolyl selenadiazoles, thiadiazoles and diazaphospholes.
A new class of bis heterocycles, oxazolyl/thiazolyl selenadiazoles, thiadiazoles and diazaphospholes were prepared from phenacylsulfonylacetic acid methyl ester and tested for their antimicrobial andExpand
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