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Evolution, Culture, and the Five-Factor Model
Following areview of evolutionary approaches to the five-factor model (FEM), I develop a synthetic perspective that incorporates three levels of analysis: personality systems as universalExpand
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Genetic variation in PLAG1 associates with early life body weight and peripubertal weight and growth in Bos taurus.
Variation at the pleiomorphic adenoma gene 1 (PLAG1) locus has recently been implicated in the regulation of stature and weight in Bos taurus. Using a population of 942 outbred Holstein-FriesianExpand
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Functional Characterization of a Novel Family of Acetylcholine-Gated Chloride Channels in Schistosoma mansoni
Acetylcholine is the canonical excitatory neurotransmitter of the mammalian neuromuscular system. However, in the trematode parasite Schistosoma mansoni, cholinergic stimulation leads to muscleExpand
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A constitutively active G protein-coupled acetylcholine receptor regulates motility of larval Schistosoma mansoni.
The neuromuscular system of helminths controls a variety of essential biological processes and therefore represents a good source of novel drug targets. The neuroactive substance, acetylcholineExpand
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Separation and Its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism
Preface A Social Identity Theory of Anti-Semitism The Ideology and Preactice of Anti-Semitism Reactive Anti-Semitism in the Late Roman Empire Reactive Anti-Semitism During the Medieval Period NazismExpand
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Microscopic analysis of paste and aggregate distresses in pervious concrete in a wet, hard freeze climate
Abstract In a recent survey, the durability and condition of 29 in service pervious concrete pavements built in a wet, hard freeze environment were assessed, and 33 core samples were collected.Expand
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Spontaneous deletion enhances movement of a cucumber necrosis virus based chimera expressing the red clover necrotic mosaic virus movement protein genedagger.
Summary The 35-kDa movement protein (MP) gene of red clover necrotic mosaic virus (RCNMV) and 3' flanking sequence were inserted in a cucumber necrosis virus (CNV) deletion mutant lacking a largeExpand
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Civilization and its discontents revisited: Freud as an evolutionary biologist
Recent scholarly work has emphasized the importance of evolutionary theory as an element of Freud's thought. This paper compares the evolutionary logic of Civilization and Its Discontents with modernExpand
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Non-replication of genome-wide-based associations of efficient food conversion in dairy cows.
Animal growth relative to food energy input is of key importance to agricultural production. Several recent studies highlighted genetic markers associated with food conversion efficiency in beefExpand
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Posthyperventilation apnea associated with severe hypoxemia.
We studied a 14-year-old girl who suffered fractures of her mandible and tegmen following a fall from a balance beam. Thirteen days after hospitalization, she developed severe, protracted, recurrentExpand
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