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Strong feedbacks between hydrology and sliding of a small alpine glacier
[1] We report the spatial and temporal pattern of sliding on the 7-km-long Bench Glacier, Alaska. Using five continuously recording GPS antennas following motion of the surface ice, distributed at 1Expand
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"Numerical Simulations of Glacial-valley Longitudinal Profile Evolution: Reply."
Glaciers shape alpine landscapes. They broaden valley bottoms, enhance local valley relief, generate multiple steps, overdeepen valley floors, and cause tributary valleys to hang. These distinctiveExpand
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Sediment evacuation and glacial erosion rates at a small alpine glacier
[1] Glacial erosion is known to be driven by sliding, which occurs in brief episodes in the melt season. What is not known is how well this sliding history is reflected in the sediment output from aExpand
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Numerical modeling of glacial erosion and headwall processes in alpine valleys
Abstract How rock relief is developed by glacial erosion in alpine landscapes is a key question in understanding the controls on mountain range topography. Any generation of relief by glaciers at theExpand
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Facing reality: Late Cenozoic evolution of smooth peaks, glacially ornamented valleys, and deep river gorges of Colorado's Front Range
Thirty to forty m.y. of post-Laramide degradation of the southern Rocky Mountains likely produced relatively low-relief topography within the crystalline cores of the ranges, and capped the adjacentExpand
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Geomorphic and climatic change over the past 12,900 yr at Swiftcurrent Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA
Abstract Glaciated alpine landscapes are sensitive to changes in climate. Shifts in temperature and precipitation can cause significant changes to glacier size and terminus position, the productionExpand
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The sediment budget of an alpine cirque
Cirques form and evolve as glaciers attack the bed and subaerial processes dismantle the surrounding walls. Collectively, these processes—which can make a cirque longer, or deeper, or both—profoundlyExpand
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Estimating population size and habitat associations of two federally endangered mussels in the St. Croix River, Minnesota and Wisconsin, USA.
1. North America is a globally important centre of freshwater mussel biodiversity. Accurate population estimates and descriptions of critical habitat for endangered species of mussels are needed butExpand
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Subsurface hydrology of an overdeepened cirque glacier
To investigate the subsurface hydrological characteristics of an overdeepened cirque glacier, nine boreholes were drilled to the bed of West Washmawapta Glacier, British Columbia, Canada, in summerExpand
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Periglacial weathering and headwall erosion in cirque glacier bergschrunds
Glaciers produce cirques by scouring their beds and sapping their headwalls, but evidence to constrain models of these processes has been elusive. We report a suite of environmental measurements fromExpand
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