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Generation of Anergic and Potentially Immunoregulatory CD25+CD4 T Cells In Vivo After Induction of Peripheral Tolerance with Intravenous or Oral Antigen1
Immunoregulatory CD25+CD4 T cells are thought to arise from the thymus as a distinct lineage of CD4 T cells specific for self Ags. We used the DO11.10 TCR transgenic adoptive transfer system to showExpand
Competition for self ligands restrains homeostatic proliferation of naive CD4 T cells
T cell antigen receptor (TCR) diversity is a critical feature of adaptive immunity. However, restriction of TCR diversity is a potential risk during immune reconstitution by homeostaticExpand
Myogenic precursor cells in craniofacial muscles.
Craniofacial skeletal muscles (CskM), including the masticatory (MM), extraocular (EOM) and laryngeal muscles (LM), have a number of properties that set them apart from the majority of skeletalExpand
A model of suppression of the antigen-specific CD4 T cell response by regulatory CD25+CD4 T cells in vivo.
Despite intense recent interest, the suppressive mechanisms of regulatory CD25+CD4 T cells remain poorly understood. One deficiency in the field is the lack of in vivo models where the effects ofExpand