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NaYbS 2 : A planar spin- 1 2 triangular-lattice magnet and putative spin liquid
Platelike high-quality ${\mathrm{NaYbS}}_{2}$ rhombohedral single crystals with lateral dimensions of a few mm have been grown and investigated in great detail by bulk methods such as magnetizationExpand
Anisotropic field-induced ordering in the triangular-lattice quantum spin liquid NaYbSe2
High-quality single crystals of ${\mathrm{NaYbSe}}_{2}$, which resembles a perfect triangular-lattice antiferromagnet without intrinsic disorder, are investigated by magnetization and specific heat,Expand
Field-induced instability of the quantum spin liquid ground state in the J eff =1/2 triangular-lattice compound NaYbO 2
Polycrystalline samples of ${\mathrm{NaYbO}}_{2}$ are investigated by bulk magnetization and specific-heat measurements, as well as by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and electron spin resonanceExpand
Field induced magnetic transition in low-dimensional magnets Bi(Ni,Co)PO5
Abstract We report the magnetic properties of iso-structural compounds BiNiPO5 and BiCoPO5 which undergo antiferromagnetic ordering at 17 K and 11 K, respectively. Positive values of θCW suggest theExpand
triangular-lattice magnet and putative spin liquid
M. Baenitz,1,* Ph. Schlender,2 J. Sichelschmidt,1 Y. A. Onykiienko,3 Z. Zangeneh,4 K. M. Ranjith,1 R. Sarkar,3 L. Hozoi,4 H. C. Walker,5 J.-C. Orain,6 H. Yasuoka,1 J. van den Brink,4 H. H. Klauss,3Expand
Magnetic properties of manganese based one-dimensional spin chains.
The structure-property relationship of three manganese-based inorganic-organic hybrid structures linked to form a one-dimensional chain with Mn-O-Mn connectivity is correlated by means of magnetization and heat capacity measurements. Expand
Magnetic transitions in the spin- 5 2 frustrated magnet Bi Mn 2 PO 6 and strong lattice softening in Bi Mn 2 PO 6 and Bi Zn 2 PO 6 below 200 K
The crystallographic, magnetic, and thermal properties of polycrystalline $\mathrm{Bi}{\mathrm{Mn}}_{2}{\mathrm{PO}}_{6}$ and its nonmagnetic analog $\mathrm{Bi}{\mathrm{Zn}}_{2}{\mathrm{PO}}_{6}$Expand
Double phase transition in the triangular antiferromagnet Ba3CoTa2O9.
Ba3CoTa2O9 undergoes two successive magnetic phase transitions at zero applied field, which is typical for triangular antiferromagnets with the easy-axis magnetic anisotropy, and the effective spin of Co2+ is found to be J  =‬1/2 at low temperatures due to the combined effect of crystal field and spin-orbit coupling. Expand
Magnetic resonance as a local probe for kagomé magnetism in Barlowite Cu4(OH)6FBr
Quadupolare resonance (NQR) studies reveal a pair of zero-field NQR- lines associated with the two isotopes of Br with the nuclear spins of I = 3/2.2 and this broadening and the relative large η value suggests a symmetry reduction at the Br- site reflecting the presence of a local distortion in the lattice. Expand
Commensurate and incommensurate magnetic order in spin-1 chains stacked on the triangular lattice in Li 2 NiW 2 O 8
We report thermodynamic properties, magnetic ground state, and microscopic magnetic model of the spin-1 frustrated antiferromaget Li$_{2}$NiW$_{2}$O$_{8}$ showing successive transitions at $T_{\rmExpand