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Development of electrospun PVdF-PAN membrane-based polymer electrolytes for lithium batteries
Abstract Electrospun fibrous membranes of composites of polyvinylidene fluoride and polyacrylonitrile (PVdF–PAN–ESFMs) are prepared with different proportions of PAN (25, 50 and 75%, w/w). TheExpand
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Magnetically powered flexible metal nanowire motors.
Fuel-free magnetically driven propulsion of flexible Au/Ag/Ni nanowires, with a gold 'head' and nickel 'tail', linked by a partially dissolved and weakened silver bridge, is described. The flexibleExpand
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Motion-based DNA detection using catalytic nanomotors.
Synthetic nanomotors, which convert chemical energy into autonomous motion, hold considerable promise for diverse applications. In this paper, we show the use of synthetic nanomotors for detectingExpand
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Fabrication of enzymatic glucose biosensor based on palladium nanoparticles dispersed onto poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) nanofibers.
A new methodology involving the combination of a soft template (surfactant) and an ionic liquid (co-surfactant) is used to electrodeposit poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) nanofibers.Expand
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One-pot construction of mediatorless bi-enzymatic glucose biosensor based on organic-inorganic hybrid.
A new methodology for the fabrication of bienzymatic amperometric glucose biosensor based on the use of an organic-inorganic hybrid is presented. The fabrication involves a self-assembly directedExpand
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Template-assisted fabrication of salt-independent catalytic tubular microengines.
A simplified template-assisted layering approach for preparing catalytic conical tube microjet engines based on sequential deposition of platinum and gold on an etched silver wire template followedExpand
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Electrochemical determination of dopamine and ascorbic acid at a novel gold nanoparticles distributed poly(4-aminothiophenol) modified electrode.
A modified electrode is fabricated by embedding gold nanoparticles into a layer of electroactive polymer, poly(4-aminothiophenol) (PAT) on the surface of glassy carbon (GC) electrode. CyclicExpand
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Motion control at the nanoscale.
This Review summarizes recent progress towards controlling the movement of fuel-driven nanomotors and discusses the challenges and opportunities associated with the achievement of such nanoscale motion control. Expand
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Hybrid nanomotor: a catalytically/magnetically powered adaptive nanowire swimmer.
A synthetic hybrid nanomotor, which combines chemically powered propulsion and magnetically driven locomotion, is described. The new catalytic-magnetic nanomotor consists of a flexible multisegmentExpand
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Fabrication of a new polyaniline grafted multi-wall carbon nanotube modified electrode and its application for electrochemical detection of hydrogen peroxide.
A modified electrode is fabricated by grafting polyaniline (PANI) chains onto multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWNT) for the detection of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). PANI grafted MWNT modified electrodeExpand
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